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I am an Artistic Hair Designer and Master Colorist. My talent, creativity, positive attitude, commitment to preserving hair integrity, and concern for my clients’ health and well being, complement my unique approach to hair services. I pamper clients, striving to provide quality services by maintaining my industry knowledge and keeping my skills up-to-date. My proactive use of organic products, such as, Trionics Enzyme developers and Goldwell Color. My extraordinary hair services set me apart from the competition. SPECIALIZED SERVICES Organic Hair Color Developers--Trionics Enzymes result in healthier hair. Ingredients derived from sea kelp create an advanced alternative to regular, damaging peroxide. These ammonia-free formulas nourish, heal and protect the hair and scalp, leaving hair manageable, soft, shiny and luxuriously beautiful. Tested and used by thousands of colorists for nearly 30 years. Asian, African-American, Hispanic, Caucasian, previously treated and virgin hair—with beautiful results every time. Goldwell Master Colorist with 25 years of experience with this brand. It provides: 100% GREY COVERAGE -ULTIMATE DURABILITY -EXCELLENT EVENNESS -OPTIMUM GENTLENESS Liscio Japanese Permanent Straightening--(aka Thermal Reconditioning): Leaves hair looking glossy, straight, bouncy, and healthy! Changes the chemical bonds of your hair to be straight and the effects are permanent--only new regrowth touch-ups. Eliminates frizz and fly aways on healthy hair. This versatile service allows for a variety of finishes from sleek and straight to smooth and bouncy. Makes your hair more manageable with a formaldehyde free formula that maintains the health and integrity of hair. Sassoon Precision Designer Haircuts--Completed Sassoon Haircut Internship Program (SF Academy). Use Hattori Hanso "precision" shears to design my haircuts. For over 60 years, the reputation of Sassoon Academy has been built on developing and providing world-class education around the globe. Sassoon training is globally recognized as the ultimate in hairdressing education. My Designer Haircuts reflect and embrace the following Sassoon Credo . . . "...Believe that perfect beauty is different for every woman and that achieving it need not be a daily struggle. Never mass produce, always tailor the look: Considering the individual's unique features when conceiving their cut and color. Never concoct styles that just wash out. Cut a shape that stays in the hair, making it quick and simple to recreate every day. Realizing perfect beauty--individual and practical--is the Sassoon Hair Design goal. . ." I listen to your wishes and lifestyle needs when creating your unique “new” look . . . BOOK AN ONLINE APPOINTMENT TO ACHIEVE THE HAIR TRANSFORMATION OF YOUR DREAMS!

Relaxed during session; my hair looks wonderful and beautiful; feels soft and full; Michi makes pleasing color choices and excellent customer services. Love my hair. Michi, you are supreme. Thank you.


As a man with bad haircut phobias, I generally prefer just letting the hair grow long rather than take any chance at getting it wrong. I called and spoke with Michi on the phone to discuss whether I could rely on her to talk with me about styles that specifically worked for my head shape, hair color and texture, and my desires. When I came in, we looked over some pictures and she helped me understand what was going to work and why. Once done (working with 4 years of growth in ponytail form), I was floored at the transformation. She knocked 10 years off my age easily, and in just this one session, will be the only person I let touch my hair from this day forward. I've never even written a Yelp review, but knew I had to sign up to write this one. Thank you Michi!


My hair has never looked and felt so good! Michi is a "master-colorist" and can match any color you want. Her chemical color processes restored to my hair the shine and flexibility taken away by the harsh chemicals used to color it by previous stylists. Michi uses eco and health friendly products that restore and protect hair integrity at the same price as those that damage your hair and burn your scalp! I feel like a new person after a precision cut and restorative color from Michi. She is the best. I highly recommend her to anyone truly interested in having beautiful and healthy hair!


I had LONG hair and went in for a shorter cut, I kind of knew what I wanted but not exactly, I did my best to explain it, and then told michi to do what she thought would look best, It'll grow back after all. michi did such a good job, when I got home my husband of 25yrs said "that is the best your hair has ever looked" she is amazing. Queen of all thing beautiful.


Michi is a talented Beautician, and my hair Magician!


I never realized what a difference a haircut can make in improving my style…now I need a new wardrobe…


When I bring Michi a picture of what I want my hair to look like, I always get what I want…just perfect everytime!


A truly gifted color Angel….Michi came to my rescue and I am so grateful and appreciated it a lot!


She is the best! I will move to Oregon next week. But I cannot switch to any other hair salons! I am sure I will fly to CA to see her!


Cut, color grey, high & low lights. Michi is a hair magician. Uses high quality organic products that do not damage hair. My hair is soft & silky no quemical burns or fumes. My hair cuts look great. Michi's talent, artistry and training provide the best hair experience ever


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