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About Michelle Kaiser

Welcome to Statue Tattoo, owned by the one and only Michelle (That's me!). At Statue Tattoo I dedicate my time into making sure everyone of every spectrum welcome into my studio. I strive to make sure everyone feels comfortable, well taken care of, and cared for. I am Michelle, currently I am 22 years old. I am known to be very light handed to each and every one of my clients during their tattoo, making their tattoo experience be one of the greatest (and lesser painful!). I found myself as an upcoming tattoo artist when I started in July of 2018. At that time I had just turned 19 and had just gotten my first tattoo! I almost became an art teacher rather than a tattooist, I went the tattoo artist route so now I am able to deeply connect with each and every client that I tattoo! Currently I strive my best at most black and grey styles. My preferred styles are micro realism, black and grey realism, blackwork, illustrative, and fine line tattoos. I also do micro color realism tattoos as well, along with any color tattoos, but I like to keep my roots in the black and grey spectrum. My favorite things to tattoo tend to be recreations of old artworks. Such as Michelangelo statues and paintings, to Leonardo da Vinci's artworks as well as any other famous statues or paintings. I also love to tattoo objects such as swords, daggers and anything of the sort. Flowers are also one of my staples, the signature peonies and leaves are another favorite along side my famous butterflies that I am well known for! I also love to do any form of script and handwriting as well. Any idea you have, I can make a reality. Any questions can be answered on my highlights on my Instagram page @michellelafille, and my website www.statuetattoo.com


Nothing but great experience!!! Michelle is amazin and so kind. She makes the appointments detailed and not scary at all!


Wow! I just got tattooed by the lovely Michelle, she is BEYOND talented and just love her delicate and fine line work. I couldn't be more happy about the 3 little tats I got, she is a true artist and gem. I am also very happy with how clean the shop was and the protocol they take with covid, making it a safe and clean environment. Thanks guys! I will be back.


Michelle is fantastic! Great skill and customer service! she helped me surprise my wife for Christmas! Ask for her when going. You won't be disappointed!

Will Webster

Great place. Michelle is amazing

Samantha Ross

Very quick and professional, thank you Michelle.

Rayne Roser