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Michelle Willett

Trendz by Michelle

About Michelle Willett
SOLA SALON STUDIOS TWIN CITIES SPOTLIGHT – Q&A WITH MICHELLE WILLETT 1. How did you decide to be a hairstylist? I started young as a receptionist in a salon and then they needed a stylist. I kind of fell into the business and I have not looked back since! 2. How many years of experience do you have in the industry? I have just over 19 years of experience in the business 3. What do you most like about your career? And what is your favorite type of service that you offer and why? I love of having the freedom and creativity that comes with being a studio salon owner and stylist. I also love building relationships with my clients and having a huge impact on their lives! My favorite services are hair extensions and eyelash extensions because of the dramatic results that come as a result of those services. 4. What was it like to transition from commission to having your own studio at Sola? This was one of the biggest leaps of faith that I have made, but the most rewarding. And I've never looked back. 5. Was it scary or difficult to open your own business at Sola? Of course it was scary to leave a place I had worked at for 18 years, but Sola made the change and transition so smooth and easy. It is the best decision I have ever made and I wish I would have made the change sooner. 6. What is the biggest change from working in a traditional salon? I'm in complete control of my career, future, and destiny. 7. What do you like most about Sola? It's a professional environment but also allows me to express my individuality. 8. What do your clients think about your space? My clients love the relaxing and private atmosphere. 9. How has being in business for yourself at Sola helped your career move forward? I have doubled my clientele since starting at Sola. 10. How has selling your own retail enhanced the service that you provide your guests/clients? All of my clients love the convenience of purchasing my retail from me. I love having the control of choosing what retail I offer so I can carry products that fit my clients’ needs best. 11. What is unique about your business, Trendz by Michelle? I offer more of a variety of services than most hairstylists, including hair, nails, hair and eyelash extensions. I am always striving to find the latest trends for my clients to keep their looks fresh. To book an appointment with Michelle, call 763-442-4893.
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