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Michelle Slater

Liberty Ave. Salon 1 - Michelle Slater

About Michelle Slater
I have been a Barber for over 20 years, and was born into a family of male barbers: My Grandfather, Uncle and Dad were all barbers, and they all owned and managed their own individual shops. Since I was the parent of a son whom I had to take to the barber shop every 2 weeks, it occurred to me to learn the art of barbering. So I went to the Pittsburgh Beauty Academy to get the training and acquired my Barber License. I thought that the trade should continue in the family even if I am a female. I always loved to do hair, however I was not blessed with daughters. I currently have two sons, that I have used as models throughout my barbering career. I love the art of barbering while using the razor and other utensils, chemicals and techniques to take someone from one extreme to the other. I’ve always admired watching my Dad give facials, hot towel treatments and haircuts to gentlemen and shorter cut hair styles to women. His customers would feel so relaxed, confident and beautiful once they left his chair; that’s why I strive to make every customer of mine, experience that same feeling. I came from an era where the people took great pride on how they were treated and groomed in a professional manner.

This woman is the reason why I have a head full of healthy hair. When I decided to go natural and chopped my hair myself, she scolded me for cutting it myself, not for giving up relaxers. MICHELLE promotes healthy hair, period. Check her out.

Rebekah J

United States

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