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Mikaela Pyron

Babe Cave Beauty Co.

About Mikaela Pyron
Hi everyone! My name is Mikaela but sometimes I i go by Mik. I am a fashion lovin energetic stylist. Since I was little I’ve had a passion for hair. It’s true you can ask my mom. I am a native of Tuscola, Texas, and a 2015 graduate of Charles and Sue's School of Hair Design. Ever since the start of my career I’ve had an eye for dimensional coloring, creative styles, eyelash extensions, hair extensions, and even bridals/braids. My biggest fulfillment I love is to constantly educate myself finding all the new trends, and keeping up with them. Many of the specialties I am certified in are listed below. 1.Redken Specialist 2.Twisted Fringe tape in extensions 3.Bella Lash Classic Lashes 4.Ellabanna Lash Lift and tint 5. Bella Lash Volume Lashes 6.Habit handtied extensions 7.Halo Couture Educator I am a huge conversationalist, and love turning my guests into friends. The best feeling in the world is when I can make someone happy even if it’s just a simple or extreme change. I hope you all enjoy my page and stay tuned for more to come. My goals are big and I can’t wait to share them with y’all 💋
United States

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