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Welcome to your premiere destination for contemporary nail styling, maternity art, and custom paintings. B365 AI offers a unique, uplifting, and peaceful atmospher designed to boost your beauty, elevate your life, and ease your mind. Book your appointment today!


Love these nails and Belovednails365. She always provides a great service!!

I ALWAYS leave 1000% satisfied! Her creativity is unmatched!

Yes, I have checked out Belovednails365 and she is a superstar artist. She's extremely creative and always delivers. Everyone should get the chance to get the Belovednails365 experience.

I get compliments on my nails and nail art all the time. Mikal is the best, and it is always a pleasurable experience.

Always an experience with Belovednails365. Never had the same nail design twice! She's so creative.

The experiences I've had being serviced by Belovednails365 have been nothing short of amazing! Her work is spectacular and I've been 100% satisfied each time. If you haven't checked her out, you certainly want to!

Yes I have been serviced by Belovednails365 at Sola Boss Annapolis Mall and my nails are always perfect. People notice my nails at the most random times & give me compliments. As someone who has struggled so long with my nails (and I am allergic to nail glue) I had given up on finding a nail tech that could help me. I was SO thrilled to find Belovednails365. The nail care is impeccable!

I have been a loyal Belovednails365 client for almost 10 years. She is hands down one of the best!! Her attention to detail and innovative and creative nail artistry is unmatched. I always get compliments from friends, family, and random strangers alike on how beautiful my nails are. She keep these nails fly. Her warm personality makes every session at her table and enjoyable experience. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Belovednails365.