Min Sung Ku

Salon Mint


Now that I have a career job. I can afford a decent fashion sense. Now knowing what I want or what fits my face and head shape I decided to go to an asian stylist. I made an emphasis on this because honestly. Our hairs are not made equal. My hair is coarse and straight. I went to Min because of word of mouth and I was not disappointed. She is very attentive and sweet. Over the years I have been going here, we've built up a report, but thats normal between stylist/barber and patron. Every time I go here I just tell Min, "make me look good," because I never had a decent styled hair cut before (just went to super cuts and got a flat top). Very nicely textured and layered. Needless to say I was very happy and so was my girlfriend at the time. Soon I was more "knowledgeable" into what my hair can do, and now I just tell her what I want, and magically she executes it flawless. For the guys, if you are new to stylists come here and let Min "make you look good" for a fair price.


So today I had a haircut with Min. She is the BEST!! I loved the haircut and have already scheduled another apt with her. Will def only go to her from now on!!!

Dmitry D.

I have been going to Min for 7 years and I can't say enough wonderful things about Min or the Salon. My highlights always look spectacular and people always ask me where I get it done. I can't recommend Salon Mint enough!

Dawn C.

It's been over 6 months since I moved away from DC, and when I'm asked what I miss most about the area, I say my hairstylist at Salon Mint! Min cut/colored my hair for 4+ years, and I never once had a complaint. I was looking for a stylist who knew Asian hair but could speak fluent English, because whenever I went to a non-Asian stylist, they always seemed at a loss as to how to tame my thick mane of unruly hair---so much so that I almost felt sorry for them! :P And whenever I went to a Korean stylist before Min, I often had a hard time communicating what I wanted. I used to dread getting haircuts, but after finding Salon Mint, it became a pampering session that I looked forward to every 2-3 months. This place is amazing, and word seems to have gotten out about it. I remember it getting more and more difficult to get an appointment toward the end of my stay in NoVA as the salon got more and more popular. It's a darn shame that I'm a poor grad student who can't afford to fly over to DC just to get haircuts. I have yet to find a stylist in Atlanta/Nashville as awesome as Min. SAD!

Janet L.

I've been looking for a stylist that knew color as I haven't highlighted my hair in several years and was nervous to do so after so long. On a whim based off reviews from yelp, I booked an appointment with Min a week in advance. Though she's usually booked, it was well worth the week wait. I arrived about 5-10 minutes early so didn't have much of a wait and my appointment was on time. During my wait, I was asked if I cared for a beverage (great customer service). I was greeted by Min personally where we sat and talked about exactly what I was looking for, and she provided suggestions on what she thought would look good for me. I asked for subtle highlights, and that's exactly what I got. Min was very attentive to my needs and I could tell she knew what she was doing. Not only was she professional, but very personable, and I could tell she really cared. The cut was even fantastic, from my layers to the cut and style of my bangs. There wasn't a question Min couldn't answer. I rarely say I love a cut, but after many years, I can say I loved both the cut and color. The prices are comparable to other salons and my overall experience and results were great, which made what I paid for worth every penny. I will definitely be back!

Jade L.

I went back to Min last week for a major change. I needed something different and she delivered. First she did an initial cut of 8 inches! Then did a baseline angled bob and finished up with a bunch of texture. I'm always amazed by the amount of time and detail she takes with me - and I'm sure every other customer. Once again I'm so glad I've found a legit place to get my hair cut so close to home without paying outrageous prices. Can't say enough good things about this place.

Christine R.

I'm a low maintenance girl. I don't get my hair cut NEARLY as often as I should. It's just a lot of work, you know? Making the appointment, getting out to the place, sitting in the chair for two hours. Okay, maybe lazy's the word. I'm a lazy girl. The endless stream of compliments I receive when I emerge from Salon Mint with a new haircut, though? That's some serious motivation to get my butt to the salon more often. And I don't just get your run-of-the-mill compliments [not that those are bad] when I go to Salon Mint. I get *second* compliments. Second compliments, for those who don't know [and that's probably most of you, because I kind of just made it up] are when someone goes out of their way to compliment you AGAIN on something that you've just changed or purchased, or what-have-you. Like coming back five minutes later to say, "No, seriously, I really like the haircut." Yeah, second compliments are pretty awesome. And now Min's going to have some new clients, because I definitely have been making referrals left and right. With two awesome stylists under the same roof, Salon Mint is quite a powerhouse.

Heather M.