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"Nicole J is a multi-talented Hairstylist who maintains a professional and positive self-image. She fuses that characteristic with creativity and entrepreneurship which has destined her to create a business of that same esteem. Nicole J demonstrated love for doing nails while in High School and has 25+ years of experience in manicuring and pedicuring and 8+ years of professional experience with hair. Nicole J was trained and educated in cosmetology at Douglas J Aveda Institute, Ann Arbor, MI. Prior to her professional experience, Nicole gained numerous hours perfecting her craft by doing the hair of her family and friends. This very gifted “Cosmo Pro” is also proficient in eyelash application, facial waxing, skincare, make-up application and artistry. She has immersed herself in continued education and training. Knowledge, skill and the ability to create and maintain healthy hair is the essential asset that heightens the experience with Nicole J above others". - Henry D., Ypsilanti, MI


Nicole James of Nicole J Henry Salon is very special. Nicole is very passionate about hair care. She takes time to analyze your hair to give you the best treatments. Within the past few months she has helped my daughter's hair to grow and she has improved the hydration level of my hair. Miss Nicole really cares about your hair and will educate you on how to take care of it.

Letrisha S.,

I met Nicole J when she was a student at the Aveda Hair Institute in Ann Arbor. I have a lot of thick, heat -absorbent hair that can be difficult to manage. She tackled my hair with a good attitude and gave me background on why she decided to use each product in my hair before using it. We worked as a team to find the best hair solutions for healthy manageable hair. A few years post-graduation, I reconnected with Nicole. She started with a rigorous assessment of my current hair condition, including questions about my home regimen and hair goals. Every visit I learned something new about my hair. When I had to take a break due to scheduling conflicts, I felt confident that I had tools to take care of my hair until I was able to return to a salon.

Leslie M.,

Nowadays it is so hard to find a stylist who specializes in healthy hair! So many only focus on how your hair looks and never really touch on the importance of having healthy choices. Upon my arrival to Nicole James Salon, I was presented with educational material about healthy hair. I was so surprised at how much I didn't know! After my Nicole J experience I knew that I had found a jewel in the hair care industry. Nicole brought out my natural curls that I never knew I had. I've always thought of my hair to be nappy, extremely course and far from curly. I was in for a huge treat. I learned that my hair was only dehydrated and that I actually had a beautiful curl pattern. If it had not been for Nicole I wouldn't have known the true beauty of my natural God-given hair! Thank you, Nicole!

Andrea B.,

Nicole is a very professional hair stylist. She is very knowledgeable and knew exactly what I needed to manage my hair. She has a strong passion for natural hair and I left with my hair feeling beautiful and flowing! I would definitely recommend her to everyone!

LaToya K.,

I like that Nicole is very knowledgeable about different hair types and she takes the time to educate you about your hair and what products would be best for your hair type. She is committed to helping her clients achieve and maintain healthy hair.

Latoya A.,

Nicole is great! I have natural hair that is very thick and tightly curled. She is the only person I go to to get my hair blown out, trimmed, and straightened. A natural hair care expert!

Erika J.,

Nicole J exemplifies the characteristics of a true hair care professional. With an emphasis on rejuvenation and the maintenance of healthy hair, Nicole J is honest and collaborative when it comes to an individual's hair care journey. She evokes client trust and confidence, while investing the necessary time in making sure each customer understands the basics of healthy hair care practices. The passion and commitment Nicole J displays is evident in her willingness to accept clients of many different hair care backgrounds, as well as the countless hours of service she provides daily. Additionally, Nicole J provides a wonderful and friendly environment that keeps client satisfaction at the highest level. As a client, I have had nothing but positive experiences and would certainly recommend her as not only a stylist, but also an excellent example of a true cosmetic professional.

Erika B.,

When I was looking for a hair stylist for my daughter, Azya, I knew that I wanted someone that would not only focus on the style of the hair but also the healthiness of her hair. Out of all the stylists that we have ever been to, I immediately thought of Nicole. I truly appreciate how she takes the time to educate her clients about their hair and the products that she recommends to make it healthier. No other stylist has done this for us before. Nicole takes her time with each and every client and is always sure to give you individualized attention. Her professional appearance is to be commended as well as the cleanliness of her shop. I'm particularly impressed by the promotions that she occasionally offers. Being on a budget, they make her prices affordable. As an added bonus, she sends her clients thank you cards for using her service and enters their name into a prize drawing .... this to me is going above and beyond to make her clients feel extra special! When looking for a stylist, look no further, Nicole is the one for you!

Lequel M.,

When I first came to Nicole J to get my hair done, I was greeted excitedly with a hug. She allowed me to relax as she set up the needed equipment around me. Before she began, she gave me a head massage, just a little something extra to help me relax. After my first visit, my hair felt healthier than ever. I returned to her for my senior prom. Not only was Nicole able to do my hair, but she was also able to do my make-up. I left her shop that day feeling amazing! A few months later, I started to experience severe hair breakage due to going to a friend of mine that was able to flat iron my hair for a small fee. I returned to Nicole with the issue I was having and explained to her how my hair was not growing anymore but was continuously breaking. Nicole was able to pinpoint the problem and use a variety of treatments on my hair and after a few weeks of this, I could feel that my hair was returning back to its healthier state. I really enjoyed Nicole's services not only because the end product of what I needed done always looked great, but because during the process I was educated on what my hair needed and how to take care of it. When it came to major hair decisions I wanted to make sure that I was informed about the pros and cons to both sides before I made any rash decisions. She was able to provide me with that and more. She showed me through her services that she cared about my hair just as much as I did. That meant a lot to me.

Azya M.,

Nicole is the most thorough and attentive stylist to work on my hair. She is deliberate in what she puts in my hair and helps me learn how to keep my hair healthy. She is an expert on all hair textures. Natural or not, Nicole can deliver what you need and want. Nicole has been a great help with my ten-year-old daughter as well. She explains hair health to my daughter in a way she can understand. I am so thankful for Nicole's professionalism. Always on time and prepared, Nicole is an exceptional stylist who stands out above the rest.

Jacquelyn P.,