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Nadia [email protected] the Masters Hands

In the Masters Hands

About Nadia [email protected] the Masters Hands
Nadia’s dream has always been to own and operate her own salon and is grateful for this opportunity to realize her vision. Her goal is to offer her guests a calm, relaxing, quiet and uplifting atmosphere conducive for a memorable pampering experience. She is extremely talented with 18+ years of experience in providing beauty services to empower clients to feel more attractive by fashioning and caring for their hair. She is personally committed to achieving 100% satisfaction for all of her clients; consulting with them; offering advice on hair styles she believes would suit them well and giving them tips on how to care for their hair at home, so they may look and feel good about themselves. Nadia credits her success to God, for blessing her with the gifts and talents to create with her hands, her loving supportive family and friends, and her loyal clients who have consistently trusted her with their “crowning glory”. She has trained at various hair shows annually: < > Fashion Focus The Proud Lady Bronner Brothers Design Essentials Paul Mitchell Her licenses include: Cosmetology License, June 1998 Managers License, January 2000 Instructors License, April 2008 SERVICES: Specializing in Healthy Manicured Hair Designing
United States

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