Niamh O'Connell

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About Niamh O'Connell


I got a combo brow done with Niamh a few months ago and am so happy with the results! She took so much time carefully mapping my brows beforehand and making sure I was comfortable with the the shape. She made me feel comfortable the whole time I was there, both with her skill at her work and her wonderful personality! My new eyebrows have made my mornings so much easier and I feel so much more comfortable going out with just mascara and concealer on. So happy that I went with Niamh!


I can't say enough good things about Niamh! She is so sweet, so kind and very accommodating schedule wise. She talked me through every step of my permanent makeup removal sessions, made me feel very comfortable with the whole process, and is a pleasure to talk to. If I could give more than 5 stars I would!


I had my eyebrows microblading by Niamh, she did a phenomenal job and I’m completely obsessed with the way they came out. I’d been considering having them done for awhile and Niamh made me feel comfortable about the whole process. She listened to what I was wanting and came up with the perfect combo of shading and microblading. She took her time with creating the shape I was looking for and made sure they were perfect. They came out super natural, just enhanced and I’ve received numerous complements on them. I highly recommend!


Today was my first PMU experience, and Niamh made me feel so comfortable getting my stardust eyeliner today! She was both delicate in hand and meticulous in detail within her process. Niamh was attentive with checking in with me to ensure the process was barely felt, I think I may have even dozed off for a few minutes! I highly recommend Niamh for eyeliner as it came out beautifully!


I recently went to have some permanent makeup done by Niamh on my eyebrows. I cannot recommend her highly enough! The amount of time she spent making sure every millimeter was perfect was just incredible. She incredibly attentive to my comfort level the whole time and I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve gotten even from day one, before they’re even completely healed! If anyone is on the fence, don’t hesitate! My only regret is that I haven’t done this sooner!


Got my freckles done by the lovely Niamh and it was such a a wonderful experience I did it AGAIN! I have always had freckles in the summer but wanted a more permanent option so that I am not as inclined to damage my skin so much anymore in the sun. So I went to Niamh, and she totally recreated the summer spray of freckles I wanted all year :) the process was so quick and easy (not painful, only like a little baby sting and some I didn’t feel at all), and Niamh is a true artist who really made my freckles custom to me. Everyone thinks they’re natural and I love the way they look. Thank you sweet Niamh!!!!! <33333


Niamh is amazing!! Made me feel completely comfortable throughout the entire process and the results are even better than I hoped for!! I highly recommend Niamh!