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Hair by Nora Doggett

Nora 281-352-8746

About Hair by Nora Doggett
Hi, my name is Nora Doggett! Since childhood, I have been inspired and fascinated by every aspect of the art of hair. Going with my mother to the hair salon was always something I thoroughly enjoyed and always looked forward to. I began my now 27 year career as a hair stylist at Visible Changes in the Houston Galleria. Today, I am proud to have my own hair salon studio in the Tanglewood area. Staying on the latest trends and techniques is a must in order to meet the specific needs of my clients. My love for the art of hair extends from my passion to highlight beauty and bring joy to those I see. Come enjoy a comfortable and peaceful, yet fun, salon experience! I strive to give each client the best customer service from the moment they walk in and until the minute they leave. I strongly believe that delivering the best beauty services begins with a personal consultation. While there is no substitute for a precision cut and color, I also pride myself on educating and giving clients the tools they need to maintain their styles at home. Not only will you receive excellent service during your visit, but also learn the necessary techniques to keep your hair looking flawless until your next visit.
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