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Brandy Casey

Nurse Practitioner

Brandy holds a Master of Science in Nursing where she received her Nurse Practitioner degree from Cal State University of Long Beach. Brandy’s experience as a registered nurse began with a focus on caring for cancer patients. After being employed by Hoag Hospital and Kaiser Permanente, she became certified in chemotherapy and treated patients in the intensive care unit. While achieving these milestones, Brandy continued to work as an aesthetic nurse and is passionate about making people look and feel their best, while embracing natural beauty.


I'm at a point in life where I want to start doing some cosmetic changes to myself. After a thorough search I found this place. Thank goodness that I had the pleasure of meeting nurse practitioner Brandy.This isn't just a job for Brandy. I felt so comfortable being in her hands. I can tell this is her passion and I respect and appreciate this so much. Thank you for being so educated and knowing your stuff girl! Can't wait to come back :) I do not mind my two hour drive one bit. It is WELL worth it. Procedure: Lip filler Some minor pain, but hey beauty is pain right? lol

Lizet M.

I have known Brandy for years and she is the only person I would EVER trust to do anything to my face !!! B is detail focused to each individual client and will make you look your absolute best !!! If you are a woman of color looking for a safe place ..... this is it !!!! Experienced and understanding the special needs of my skin , Brandy has made me look like I have the "Benjamin Button" So far I've had under eye filling and last week a lip flip !!! Having the eye filler has shaved 10 years off my face !!! I am 45 years old and this pic was taken on Monday !!! Thank you Nubella Med Spa & B the NP !!! I am so proud of you and the amazing business you have built for yourself and for your clients !!! Don't forget your skin care !!! I've been washing and caring for my skin with Chanel for years ... now I only use Zein Obagi products !!! # ZoGlow

Samantha F.

Brandy is just the best! I got eye fillers for the first time and I was really nervous. She explained everything in detail and made me feel really comfortable. She was so gentle that I literally felt no pain at all. I'm really HAPPY with my results. Thank you so much, Brandy.

Claudia P.

Brandy at Nubella is AMAZING. I got my lips done today for the first time and I'm PUMPED at how they turned out and how comfortable she made it. I have been wanting to get my lips done for a longggg time but have been scared to bc of pain, duck lips, etc. Brandy walked me through THE ENTIRE process. I felt so secure and she did exactly what I wanted, subtle. I literally have no clue what I was so scared of, she is so good at what she does! Why I trust her completely with my face : two weeks ago she gave me Botox! I've gone to a couple different places for Botox and she is the best. She is so communicative I felt really secure that she wouldn't over do it, and she didn't. I have gone elsewhere before and what drove me away from my last place was the nurse kept gesticulating and talking to someone else in the room, with the needle inches from my eyes. I was totally freaked out. Brandy DOES NOT do that, you know she's focused on your face the entire time, won't just Willy Nilly toss botox in random spots or poke you in the eye! You will feel comfortable, pain free and totally beautiful at NuBella!

Kalyn M.

United States

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