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Pam Olson

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About Pam Olson
Welcome to the start of your new but everlasting friendship. My name is Anne and Pam has blessed my life for 49 years. Due to our history and my knowledge of Pam, I fully understanding her humble spirit and lack of boasting. I asked Pam if she would allow me to write her Biography, instead of her writing her own profile. She just doesn’t know how to brag and showcase herself as others experience her! Please enjoy! Education: Latest education diva curl level one certificate Jan 2018 Length of Time in Business: 39 years. Cities of Training and Education: New York, Columbus, Cincinnati, Las Vegas Where Pam has Lived: South Bend, IN; Cincinnati, OH; Granger, IN What I know: Here is a little about Pam as a stylist and as a person. Pam doesn’t live for her moment. When you are in her chair, she lives for your experience, your appearance and comfort; your moment, your day, your tomorrow and your future. Your wellbeing is of utmost important to Pam. She is a natural care giver and desires every client to feel special and pampered. While you are visiting Pam, she will share hair styling tricks, brush tricks, product education, and always shares the why and how her technique(s) are necessary at the time. A Typical Visit: You probably arrive thinking, “I don’t look too bad!” After Pam finishes her magic, the reality and WOW of amazement will set in, along with a gratitude for her knowledge and her skill. Pam’s skills are truly impressive, and superb! She has the rare ability to look at a person and know exactly what suites their facial features. She considers the clients life style, and the clients ability to duplicate the results when they are back home and on their own. I have seen many times when Pam has enhanced the appearance of a person’s skin color, glow and eyes by the transformation their hair color, cut, texture, etc. Pam has a gentle and kind way of teaching and educating her clients as if they are partners working on a goal together. Pam has a warm way of making every client feel at home which is very important to her. She is a friend to all, and not just a business acquaintance. Pam is genuine and has a heart larger than life! My life would not be complete without her! I am confident yours can be too. Change your life today! Pamper yourself with professionalism and schedule your appointment!
United States

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