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Pauline Chew

Pauline's Parlour

About Pauline Chew
I have been in the industry for 38 years and plan to grow and learn as I proceed to create in my artistry. Adaptation of techniques from educators of specific product lines has added many methods to my repertoire. Eufora in French cutting works with points of the head to create what the client needs and wants in order to simplify his and her life. Each client has his and her distinctive head shape. Techniques from Aquage Geometric fundamentals in graduation add shape and volume to short and medium lengths. In order to calibrate, each head shape is taken in consideration. Sexy Rafe's ideas of layering long hair incorporate texture to differentiate from short to long lengths. The shape of the head will determine the layers. Framesi Law of Color is a fundamental in formulating a shade to compliment each client's skin tone and facial features. As life progresses, his and her needs will change. Continuation of Jean d'Arcel product knowledge classes will keep me informed in changes of essential ingredients to add radiance to skin in young and mature skin. The techniques in facial massages have so many benefits to improve one's self image. The atmosphere in my studio at Sola Salon sets a relaxing pace and enhances the beauty treatment to my client's hair and skin. With this setting, a sanitary environment is a key factor in offering best practices to provide a safe place for you to come and relax. Viewing Barbicide webinars are an essential extension of my practice in continued education while shelter in place. Go to [email protected] to view more pictures of client's hairstyle and beautification.
United States

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