Philip Ferroni

Swans & Stallions Beauty Studio

About Philip Ferroni

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Philip Alexander Ferroni. Not many can say that they are in love with their career choice, but as each day and each year passes, I grow more and more in-love with what I get to do. That is because I am blessed with passion for the artistry of hair. I really believe that it comes from within yourself; almost like it chooses you. this passion is due to my late grandfather, Philip Spalletta, who was such a huge positive influence. I share the same love of hairstyling as he did. My late grandfather was an artist and an entrepreneur. Sharing the same attributes, work ethic and creativity has helped me excel in the beauty industry. During my childhood years, I was eager to hang with my mom at the salon, watching the stylist working on her hair, as well as visiting my grandfather at his barber shop. I was captivated by the smell and the sounds of the shops and the vibrant energy. The fast-peace operation fed my soul. Through my teen years, I kept that hunger thriving inside me. When I became 18, I applied to European Academy of Cosmetology. After earning my degree and becoming licensed, I had a plan. I headed to the Big Apple, where my dreams carried me and became reality. I apprenticed and worked my way up from general assisting to personal assisting a stylist and finally to then gaining my own chair. At “Space Hair Salon” I gained the knowledge and tools through their education program. After 10 years working in Manhattan, I transitioned my career to New Jersey. During my time in New Jersey, building my reputation and client base, I had another desire to accomplish. I wanted to be a part of education in the beauty industry. So, I became an independent contractor, an artist with the Loreal Professional brand. Traveling to other states, business locations, getting to know other artists, and really enjoying helping other stylists through their creative process and, in return, learning from them. That is when I felt empowered which heightened my career. I have also been trained by Vidal Sassoon on their philosophy of hair. I have close to 23 years in the beauty industry by elevating and continuing my education. I am now ready to accomplish another dream on my list. I am proud to announce that I am now the owner of “Swans & Stallions Beauty Studio”. What sets my business apart from other beauty salons, is that I am here to give the highest level of service to my cliental. I offer a unique one-on-one experience specifically tailored to your needs.