3107 Salon

About Rebecca

Hello to all! My name is Rebecca and I am a hair stylist based out of Southeastern Wisconsin. From a very early age, I knew that becoming a beautician was my calling in life. After attending the University of Wisconsin Whitewater for a year, I knew that the “traditional” path was one which I did not want to follow. After having this epiphany, I decided to follow my heart and pursue a professional career in the hair styling space. I spent over a year studying at IBW Aveda located in downtown Milwaukee and graduated with a degree in 2010. Upon completing my education, I began working and building my resume at various hair salons in Wisconsin. I put in countless hours attending as many educational seminars and classes as possible. My thought has always been, the more knowledge I have, the better I can cater to my clients. This is truly the most rewarding aspect of my career. The huge smile after a transformative balayage or the gentle hug after simple haircut. My clients and their happiness are my number one priority! This culmination of nearly a decade of experience has lead me to open up my own business, 3107 Salon. I decided to take these inspirational building blocks, which I have gained over the years, and create a unique space for my clients. 3107 Salon is more than a place you simply come to get your hair styled. It is a place where you can find comfort in knowing that my top priority is to make sure you are happy.