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Regina Wright

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Locations / south-loop / Root Therapy LLC

Root Therapy LLC

Regina Wright

ROOT THERAPY “The Journey to the Bio”
The “Root Energy Center” stabilizes the pulsating energy centers that run up from the base of the spine through the neck and to the top of the head. The “Root” is critical for elevating depleted energy flows that affect all energy systems, and it is also where emotional, spiritual and physical energies are activated, cleansed and purified. This energy center is the body’s grounding system for stability, endurance and survival. When activated by plant nutrients, the “Root Energy Center” releases vitality and reflects radiant inner and outer beauty for optimal living and glowing skin.
Microbiome coding at the “Root Energy Center” has ancient science-based therapeutics to program the body for balance and wellness. Microbiome informed product formulations protect and help barrier repair, reduce inflammatory responses, and enhance product penetration nutrient absorption through infusions with skin identical ingredients.
Root Therapy was created by Regina Wright around the skin, the largest organ of the body, which protects immunity and well-being. A complex microbial ecosystem, the skin microbiome system mimics the gastrointestinal microbiome (gut flora) through absorption, protection, and communication; removes waste, breaks down nutrients for absorption, improves function of the skin as an organ, decreases inflammation, enhances immunity to help prevent invading pathogens from infecting through the external-internal barrier.
The journey to creation has roads that begin with personal products and specialty chemicals manufacturing experience. As a quality control chemist, I finalized formulations for skin and health care products. The experience provided insight into the chemicals and unnatural ingredients used to make performance-based beauty products and how caustic they can be. Which can cause damage to the skin’s microbiome natural protective mechanism and a cycle of using products to cleanse that require additional products to repair the damage.
As a dual licensed therapeutic body worker, esthetician, independent brand consultant, and trainer who learned from training spa teams across the country, I became a navigator of holistic beauty journeys that lead to authentic beauty wellness. I grew to embrace and understand that nature can provide what the body needs, inside and outside, by developing skin health expertise from working with many major skincare brands and experts. I chose an approach to skin wellness that uses practical and personalized options that motivate passion for skincare and an enthusiastic engagement of lifestyle changes that deliver results.
I share my passion for skin health by transforming my client’s natural properties with natural applications that polish, hydrate, and sculpt using plant essences to penetrate and absorb into the skin for transdermal infusion effects that can help flush out toxins, alter physical and emotional states and improve mood to create the sense of overall wellness, and skin health. The curative properties gained from our infused products can help restore you to a balanced state of body, mind and spirit when you “Get to the Root!”

Regina Wright (Esthetician and Massage Therapist), Author
Media Plant – Chicago Sun Times, November 2012, “Wrestle Wrinkles with Technology”
Featured Article Contributor
The TIG Insider’s Guide to Chicago, October 1, 2014 “Meghan Markel’s Facialist”

Insider’s Guide to Chicago | The Tig Archives ( July 14, 2013 “Laws of Attraction Meghan Markle’s Sunday” Regina is Meghan’s go-to esthetician to keep her face camera-ready
Allure Magazine, September 17, 2012,
Regina Wright “The 2012 Best of the Best Facial Chicago”
Michigan Avenue Magazine, March 2012
“Regina Kate Somerville’s Favorite Esthetician”
Michigan Avenue Magazine, October 2009
See Regina for “Super Star Service”
Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation
BAS Therapeutic Bodywork & Healthcare Management
National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Body Work (NCBTMB) 2005-Present
Licensed Massage 2005 - Present
Licensed Esthetician 2005 - Present

ROOT THERAPY “The Journey to the Bio”
The “Root Energy Center” stabilizes the pulsating energy centers that run up from the b...

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