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Logan Sanders

Beauty Springs

About Logan Sanders

Hi, I’m Logan! I am a Colorado Springs native and experienced hairstylist who enjoys the great outdoors. I can help to have my clients look stylish in any and every event and setting as well! As a former Aveda stylist of five years, I am well educated in cutting, color, and highlights including balayage. I have a passion for staying up to date on the latest trends and can help guide you through to a new look or simply maintain the look you already know and love. Some of the best features of my job are meeting new people, making connections, building relationships and transforming hair into a look that leaves people feeling sharp, sophisticated, and beautiful/handsome. I truly love all aspects of my craft! Here at Beauty Springs, hot towels, scalp massages, and sweet aromas are all part of the experience as well. Let's get you in my chair to get the look you want today!

United States

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