Emily Gutierrez

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About Emily Gutierrez

Hello, my name is Emily Gutierrez and I branded in July 2018. I specialize in non-surgical hair replacement for anyone experiencing complete or partial hair loss due to trauma, burns, autoimmune diseases or genetics. I trained for several years in south FL and opened my first location in Charleston, SC. In early 2020, I decided to expand my service to my home state of Maryland. my studio is a place of warmth and welcome, and I invite you into my salon to discuss your hair loss in a private setting. As a team we'll find the best solution to regain your confidence and vitality. Through the latest cutting trends and color technology, we'll recreate your appearance. Making a person feel beautiful through color, cut, and style is half of the reason I work in the beauty industry. Giving back someone their identity through hair replacement, well that's a different type of feeling, and it’s why I branded Advanced Hair Loss & Scalp Solutions. Please contact me for a complimentary consultation.


I have had the privilege of working with Emily for the past few months since I was diagnosed with cancer. Emily is caring, compassionate, and trustworthy when it comes to helping a client work through some very difficult days before her loss. Mine was attributed to chemotherapy. We customized the color to match my current hair and also added highlights to really make it look like my own hair. I received it within days of the bulk of my hair loss. Emily is beyond helpful, I also believe so much in Emily that I introduced her to my oncology office. Now her pamphlets are hung in their office. 

Katie Hensch

Emily at Adherence 4 Appearance has a brilliant sense of fashion & beauty. Her ability to provide an undetectable hair in the perfect style to maximize your appearance.

Randy H.

Immediate service. Highly satisfactory care and attention. Great looking and very clean salon. WILL be back for more repeat business. 5 STARS