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About Brianna Nonnon

Hello! Im Brianna from Msytic Garden Esthetics. I have been a licensed esthetician for 5 years specializing in makeup, brow services, and body waxing. I am continuing my trainings to be able to offer more services in the future. My business partner Anthony and I opened Mystic Garden Esthetics to provide the most for our guests. As of December Microblading is being offered.


Got the leg wax, and have never been waxed before. It was so amazing! Bri is incredibly nice, she's hilarious, and say the most random things during it. She was super encouraging about the pain scale and fully honest and upfront about it. Excellent service 12/10 would recommend and go again. Also got brows done (shape and tint) a little bit ago and wow I actually have eyebrows that don't match my forehead and look like caterpillars

Rori M