Daniela Durante

The Red Carpet Hair Salon

About Daniela Durante
Hello! My name is Daniela, and i am a licensed cosmetologist. I have been in the industry for over 15yrs. Hair is a true passion of mine, and i am so happy to open The Red Carpet Hair Salon. I love to have every guest feel at home, and to leave my chair feeling more beautiful than when they came in. I have been to many trainings, as well as managed my own team of stylists. Curly hair and coloring are two of my favorite things to do. I also brought on my amazing and talented stylist Layla! She's a perfect addition to the salon. She gives such an amazing experience to her guests that brings exactly what my vision is for The Red Carpet. We want everyone who leaves our chair to look and feel Red Carpet ready. Glamorous, Chic,Trendy, Dapper are all of what our goal is to achieve for each and every one of our guests! We welcome you to our salon and hope to continue growing our Red Carpet Family of guests!