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About Rona Bunch
Most recently being selected one of the the TOP 10 out of 11,000 Sola Salon Studio Owners for 2019 has once again verified that it is ALWAYS imperative to constantly be consistent and ALWAYS have a PASSION FOR THE CRAFT. With many years in the industry, the sole focus of the individual customer experience is what is most important. At RonaBunch,Inc. my goal is to provide a friendly, warm, and inviting environment for all of my guests. Making sure that each and every guest recieves the FULL SERVICE that they are so deserving of and customizing their look just for them. My other passion is being able to work with John C. Simpson and Christopher Dove, the founders of COCRE8. Education is the key to success and have been actively involved with educating for multiple brands has allowed me to keep being inspired. Which then gives me the opportunity to keep my guests up to date with the latest trends and styles. I also believe that education is POWER and in our industry, we ALWAYS are needing to add more tools to our toolboxes. My ULTIMATE way of giving back to an industry that has been so giving to me is to work side by side with new stylists. Those that are either in school or those just coming out and need someone to mentor them. Watching them learn and grow into the best that they can be is probably the most incredible and inspiring experiences that in the end makes it all worth while.

Rona has been doing my hair for 10+ years. She is amazing at her craft! No matter how many times I change my color or hairstyle, she is always up for the challenge.

Jodi Goodson

Rona’s professionalism, expertise and knowledge as a stylist is greatly valued and appreciated by many clients, especially me. I always look forward to my monthly hair appointments.

Carol Weldon

My family has been with Rona since 2004. My kids have never had anyone else do their hair!! She can do wonders with color correction and damaged hair, and has tons of education and experience. Wouldn’t go to anyone else!! I drive over an hour for her to do my hair and it is worth it.

Julie Pyburn

Rona is top notch! She is a color expert with years of training and expertise! I'm a former stylist and very hard to please, but she has never disappointed! She is also one of the most kind, caring and attentive people I've ever met!

Mindy Winters

I am so thankful for Rona! She truly cares about each person that sits in her chair. She is blessed with hands that hold the opportunity to change a life in how they see and feel about themselves. Her love of the Lord is infectious in the best way! She will always do her best to move things around to help with scheduling needs and has never made me feel hurried or rushed.

Leigh Ann Stachowiak

Rona is top notch. She is not only a talented stylist, but someone who cares deeply for all her clients. I've known of her for over 20 years. She's worked true, honest-to-God miracles on my hair and always made my day by sharing stories of her life and her listening to mine. It is truly a pleasure to have her as my stylist all these years. I'd recommend her to anyone!

Liz Vaden

Rona is such an amazing stylist. I’ve been going to her for my hair care needs for over 14 years. My son and my daughter go to her now. She’s not like most stylist in the sense that she does take the time to really listen to how you want your hair to look and meet your needs to the fullest. I have naturally curly hair and it took me a while to find someone that I really really like. She also finds ways to have commonalities so she really gets to know you as a person more than just a service provider !

Angie Larson

Rona Bunch at Sola Salon is one the best stylists around town. I have been going to her for 15 plus years and will follow her wherever she goes. She is someone special and if you haven’t already book a consultation with her today. You will never go to anyone ever again. It takes someone special to be a stylist and Rona does it right. Thanks Rona

Jamie Uva

I’ve been going to Rona for several years and she always does a great job on my hair. She’s very knowledgeable and talented.

Cynthia Knecht

I can always count on the cut I want. Rona pays attention to detail! Love treatment I receive EVERY time!

Jan White