Ronda Flores

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About Ronda Flores

My name is Ronda Flores, I have been a Clinical Esthetician since 1994. I specialize in Full Body Waxing services for Women and Upper Body Waxing services for Men and PCA Clinical Skincare Treatments. I believe in building long term relationships with my clients. One of my clients has been with me since 1994, and many others have been with me since 1996 and forward. I believe in treating everyone who enters my treatment room with the utmost respect, kindness and compassion especially during a first time waxing experience. I often use humor along with some special techniques to make the experience as painless and comfortable as possible. We always end with a hug and a smile before they leave.


"I have been seeing Rhonda for intimate waxing coming up on four years now, and my continued patronage can be attributed to her incredible skill. Rhonda is fantastic at what she does and it never ceases to amaze me how fast the whole experience goes, but she is always careful, considerate, and thorough. But more impressive is her ability to transform an appointment into a visit. I used to think of waxing as an unpleasant procedure performed by a stranger and the whole thing sort of terrified me, but from day one, Rhonda was a friend. She took great care to make me feel comfortable and even being the first time, I did not find the waxing to be very painful, and every time I have come back since has felt more like an excuse to catch up than anything else. She's always invested in our conversations, we exchange joys and concerns and she's even patronized my performances. I cannot recommend her enough!"


"I have known Ronda for almost a decade. I went to primary school with her daughter and when I needed someone for waxings and facials, she naturally said, “My mom does that. You’ll love her,” and she was right. I started to see Ronda in 2006 and even though I moved away to go to college, whenever I was on break she would fit me in the schedule to get facials and waxings. I’ve taken my little brother and sister for facials and they just rave about how radiant and soft their faces feel and definitely saw major improvement. Getting waxed is definitely easier with Ronda. I’ve had past experiences with other salons where it is super painful and I would break out into hives but I have never had that with her. Yeah, it still doesn’t feel great, but it’s the best full body waxing I have ever had. Even my younger sister has gone for her arm and eye brow waxes and says they are almost painless. And beyond the services that I get with Ronda, you feel well taken care of. I can ask her almost any advice for beauty and I love all the recommendations she has. It definitely does not feel like going to a random salon where its “1,2,3… and done! See you next time.” Her quality of care is top notch, which is why I’ve been faithful all these years and would not go to any one else for my skin care."


"I've been going for brazilian waxes with Rhonda for the past three years now. My sister actually went to her first while I got a wax from someone else and afterwards she told me, "I can't believe it. I have never had a brazilian that didn't hurt before!" I had to check Rhonda out after that. And my sister was right, it was definitely the best brazilian wax I ever had. Ever since then I go to Rhonda around once a month and she's never had to reschedule with me. Though she is very accommodating when I have to change my scheduled appointments. I usually make appointments up to a month in advance to make sure I get the time I want. I have been able to get a last minute appointment with her from time to time. I've had brazilian waxes regularly for over 10 years and Rhonda is bar far the best! Plus, she has a great personality to boot!"


"I have been going to Ronda for almost 5 years and the only regret I have is not meeting her 10 years ago!  I first met her when I was in search for a good brazilian waxer. I've tried a few different people, and always walked out with major pain and burns (due to people trying to rush and not testing the wax warmth). Ronda was the complete opposite! She spent her time making sure you were comfortable, and was so precise in making sure everything was nice and clean. She also recommended the skin products that totally helped the process and I still purchase them til this day! 2 years after going to her for my waxing needs, she mentioned that she also does face skin care, which surprised me because she never once tried to "sell" any services to me. I only found out because i asked her if she could recommend products/aesthetician to me. With my upcoming wedding, I wanted to make sure my skin looked great- and the stress did not help with my breakouts and tired eyes, so she recommended PCA peel and the products. I was very hesitant going in, as I've tried everything from dermatologists to medspas and accupuncture which none of it worked well. I had my first peel and was instantly addicted because of how great the results were. I bought a package to prep my skin for my wedding. After my wedding, I loved the results and bought another package. My teenage daughter was starting to break out and asked Ronda if the peel was safe for teenagers, and she said it was perfect. Her skin did great with the peel and her breakout cleared up! We both continue to use the PCA products at home to help maintain the results! Not only is Ronda great with her skin care knowledge, but she is always so thoughtful and super sweet. I used to dread my wax/peel appointments at other salons, but now I look forward to seeing Ronda because her kind demeanor and her positive attitude."


"I have been going to Ronda regularly for men's upper body waxing for over 4 years. Every visit has been absolutely painless...literally! Ronda is very good and gentle and I have never felt any discomfort. She is very professional and maintains very high standards of cleanliness and hygiene in her work area. She uses only the best products. Making appointments has always been easy and I always get a reminder the day before. Very satisfied with the service and highly recommend her!"