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Rose Streeter, RN, BSN - Aesthetic Creations, Inc.

About Rose Streeter, RN, BSN - Aesthetic Creations, Inc.
“I have 2 Sola Studios!” - Westminster and Boulder Locations. I am a native of Colorado. I received my RN and BSN (bachelor’s of science in nursing) degrees from the University of Colorado in 1998. After practicing in a variety of clinical nursing, I began esthetician training to fulfill a longtime interest in medical- based aesthetics treatments. My practice then transitioned to cosmetic dermatology. I began with a dermatology based National Botox training center performing many of the latest advanced skin rejuvenating treatments. I have now practiced in medical aesthetics for over 20 years, transitioning to an independent business owner overseen by a medical director. I specialize in injection treatments. These treatments include Botox/Dysport and a wide range of dermal fillers, which greatly aid to minimize lines/wrinkles, enhance cheeks, lips and restore facial volume. These injection treatments require little or no down-time, providing a natural more youthful appearance. Additionally, these procedures serve as preventative care in anti-aging management! I do continue to advance my level of expertise and knowledge base in this evolving field. My practice is based upon methods that are safe and effective. I enjoy and take satisfaction in helping clients feel at ease during a procedure, and find reward from the positive feedback and beautiful results. I believe this direct correlation to be the result of my combined skill level and artistic touch. Thank you! You may book through my website:
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