Meghan Schwartz

Salon 419

About Meghan Schwartz

Hey! My name is Meghan Schwartz!

I am a mother to a little boy, a hyper dog and a very proud wife. I am obsessed with my little family and loving life. I have a huge passion for all kinds of music especially live music! One of the things I love to do is driving in the car and being the lead singer and back up! hahaha! I love to show my creative side not only in my work but through crafting at home making décor and t-shirts. My family has a new found love of biking, but we enjoy anything that involves being outside, including gardening.

When I am at work I enjoy being creative and am up for any challenge. I am a master barber as well as a colorist with 8+ years of experience. I am overall a goofy, loud and energetic person, you will most likely hear me cracking jokes or laughing when you are in my suite. I can not wait to meet you!