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About Sharown Israel

My Name is Sharown Israel. I am a Certified Curl Specialist and Colorist. I love roses. I love to laugh, my personality is very cheerful, light and down to earth. Music is one of my passions, outside of hair, (definitely my artistic side).

Prepare to walk in my studio and hear an array of different musical eras and genres, as it transports you to a place of comfort and bliss. I love everything about hair, my passion for it is mainly driven by three things: Chemistry;Joy; and Ownership. I love the chemistry behind hair and the bonds that make up our hair. The elements in our hair reacting to chemicals to cause a visual and chemical change. The effects of that process: changing it’s color but not inhibiting it’s make up. I enjoy and am ecstatic that I bring joy to my clients face when they get what they desire. It brings me great joy that everyone that sits in my seat takes ownership in their own hair. Whether it be changing the color, cutting to a specific style that suits their unique personalities and lives. The moment of embracing your natural curls and the process of dedication to those requirements.

Taking ownership of your crown gives you an air of confidence and courage to be you in every way. I might be the professional, but when you sit in my chair, you are in charge. Your wish is my command. ;)

BrownsTones Salon, Studio 29, inside Sola Salons Stone Oak.