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About Mika Taylor

Hi my loves. My name is Mika. I'm a licensed professional here to serve you. I've been in the industry for 6 years as a licensed cosmetologist. I am honored and enthusiastic about being able to make sure that you have the best outcome for your time and investment. I am a healthy hair specialist, who focuses on total body health when providing a hair service; because lets face it, what we put in is what we get out of it. Healthy hair starts from within. I have a passion for transformations. Nothing is more exciting than a client coming in feeling drag but leaving fab. Most people view me as the mother hen of the bunch because I'm always nurturing or and seeking to make others feel great about themselves inside and out. I started Taylor Transformations L.L.C because I want to merge the styling lanes of classy professionalism with edge. Giving you a five star salon experience from the girl next door. I believe with your knowledge of who you are and what you like, mixed with my skills, is a recipe for success. I thank you all in advance for partnering with me and sharing my Sola experiences at Taylor Transformationsđź’‹