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Sheryl Hambrick

The Curl Suite

About Sheryl Hambrick
Hi, and welcome to The Curl Suite! My name is Sheryl Hambrick and I am a licensed Cosmetologist and Curly Hair Specialist from the City of Angels! I am the owner of The Curl Suite, located in Beverly Hills, CA. The Curl Suite is a boutique salon, specializing in curly hair. My expertise is in shaping and styling all types and textures of curly hair, from the loosest wave to the tightest coil. I am trained in multiple advanced curl cutting techniques, including Deva Cut, RezoCut and Cut It Kinky. I love to educate my clients on maintaining the health and integrity and of their hair, while helping them to look good and feel good while rocking their natural curs! My journey to becoming natural literally changed the trajectory of my life. Embracing my natural texture was the best decision I have ever made and I have never looked back. I understand the deep, emotional connection that we have to our hair and it is my sincere objective to help you cultivate a better relationship with your beautiful, natural waves, curls and coils. I take a realistic and science based approach to hair care. I believe in using high quality products with botanical ingredients to promote beautiful, healthy and hydrated curls. At The Curl Suite, you will enjoy a service performed by me from the start to the finish. The comfortable and intimate nature of the salon suite allows for me to devote my time and attention to your curls in a relaxed environment without the distraction of other clients and stylists. As my client, I am committed to helping you learn how to embrace, properly care for and fall in love with your natural hair. I look forward to seeing you soon!
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