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Simona Eskenazi

Smooth Skin by Simona

About Simona Eskenazi
Simona’s an expert, with a wealth of experience in how to remove hair easy, quickly and almost painless. Plus, you’ll be entertained with her lively, fun stories. Her clients consider her a trusted friend. Simona’s pink wax is special – and one of the best. It’s warm, not hot. It does not burn or leave a sticky residue, yet is very effective. It’s an experience you’ll wonder how you ever did without. Not only will you leave feeling great – your skin will also be its all-time smoothest. A graduate of Yamano Beauty College, Simona first specialized in acne treatments and glycolic peals. She soon focused on what she loved the most – making skin its smoothest as an esthetician. With 15 years in the business and the last five spent running her own salon, Simona is widely considered by her clients to be one of the top waxers on the westside of Los Angeles. Born in Italy, Simona grew up in Peru and Israel before moving to America. She fluently speaks Spanish, Hebrew, French and English.
United States

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