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Stacy Murphy@StudioSM

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About Stacy Murphy@StudioSM
Education: Pennsylvania Academy of Cosmetology Arts & Science Experience: In industry for 23 years; with Aveda for 20 years. Arnold Zegarelli team educator Aveda Corporation hair cutting purefessional educator Aveda In Salon Color Coach About Me: I grew up in small town Pennsylvania where weekends were spent on dirt bikes, learning how to fix cars or camping.... I never thought I would be in an industry that promotes style, beauty and fosters healthy self esteem. I take such pride in my education and my choice of this industry. The ever changing world of fashion and design is a challenge that keeps me motivated to continually advance my skills. My daughter keeps me humble and reminds of what "is soooo yesterday" and what is current. The salon is a place where I have been able to establish a sense of "family" for me AND my clients and I hope to continue that tradition for many years to come. I am committed to sustainable products that will leave the hair in optimal condition
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