Steve Hahn Massage


In the summer of 2005 I shattered part of my tailbone. After multiple, painful injections, procedures, physical therapy I had what was left of my tailbone removed. I've always had residual low back pain but I never did anything else for it. Fast forward to the spring of 2015. I was swinging a golf club and felt this awful, excruciating pain in my left shoulder. Once again, I went through painful, costly injections and physical therapy. I have constant tingling and numbness in my left hand. My posture changed, I thought low back pain sucked, thats nothing compared to neck pain! After multiple scans my surgeon (same one as before) told me that the next step would be to fuse my discs together. Now, I work in the medical field. I know what fusions do. Once you fuse two discs together, eventually the other ones will need it. I asked my surgeon about chiropractors but he told me some horror stories so I decided against it. I asked about massages and he was concerned that a massage would cause more damage and that I wouldn't benefit from it. A few years ago I received a gift certificate for a spa massage. It was awful! The girl told me she didn't feel comfortable massaging me because of my back. My sister has been telling me for a long time to go to Steve. I went to Steve on Tuesday. It's now Friday night and I haven't taken any ibuprofen since Tuesday morning. I haven't had any tingling or numbness. I should add that I'm extremely active. Im constantly on the go, exercising, doing yard work, always moving! I feel great! I can honestly say I didn't have a lot of hope going into the massage but I came out feeling the best I've felt in a long time!!

Heidi Pritchett