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Sue Tang

SUE Hair Studio

About Sue Tang
At a young age, I’ve always been drawn to the more creative side and that’s led to a career in designing hair! I can recall my earliest memories of practicing on my youngest siblings and of course anyone that was willing to allow me to color or cut their hair. I’ve always believed that your hair frame not only compliments your style, but enhances the first thing people see, your face. Fashion & Styles are a constant change in our industry and its been a passion of mine to continually stay on top of trends and new styling techniques for all types of hair. I enjoy the transformation that my clients allow me to make for them from styling, cutting and adding multi colors and highlights to the hair which adds overall depth and dimension. I specialize also in The Deva Cut, a specific trained cutting technique for curly hair texture. So whatever you dream for your new or next look, let me make it a reality! See you in my chair…
United States

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