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Tahesa Nelson

Studio 406 Hair Salon LLC

About Tahesa Nelson

Hi, my name is Tahesa Nelson and I’m a passionate Cosmetologist and Product Educator living in beautiful Huntsville, Alabama. Born and raised in Madison, my love of the hair industry started during my childhood. By the time I was in middle school, I already knew I wanted to be a hair stylist. Now I’m happy to say that I’ve been hair stylist for nearly two decades, and have been loving every minute of it. I’m currently the proud Owner of Studio 406 Hair Salon and I worked at Salon Spectrum and Salon Innovative—all of which are in Huntsville. Throughout my creative career, I’ve specialized in color, cutting, extensions, and textured hair. Putting my clients first and giving them a generous amount of options is my number one priority. From distinct to more natural-looking and everything in between, I have a knack for creating the perfect look that suits my client’s unique needs. My passion may be hair, but my real passion is people. There’s nothing more rewarding than putting a smile on someone’s face and knowing I put it there. That’s why I’m so dedicated to what I do: I want you to feel truly beautiful and confident when my you leave my studio. When it comes to my credentials, I received my License in Cosmetology from Pivot Point International and my Cosmetology Instructor License from Paul Mitchell the School Birmingham. As for my product education, I learned everything I know from Paul Mitchell, Design Essentials, Deva Curl, and Basic Hair Care. Whenever I’m not beautifying, I’m either discovering new places, going on a shopping spree, or nurturing my inner photographer. Giving back to my community has always been really important to me, so I aspire to open up a cosmetology school for the less fortunate someday. So now that you know all about me, let’s focus on you and your new hairdo! Schedule an appointment with me by clicking “Book Now” on the upper right corner of the site or you can just call us directly!


I have been coming for a while now and I absolutely love it!!! Tahesa is the best!!!

Brittany H.

Tahesa Nelson is not a just a hair stylist she is a hair doctor. She customizes a hair regimen for your hair texture and trust me you will notice a difference in your hair. If you want color she is the person to go to. I've gone from black to blonde with no breakage!!!

Jennifer E.

Professionalism and technique make her standout as a superior stylist. Great one on one customer service!!!!!

Tachya F.

I had been regrowing my hair to remove the damage from relaxers for the past year and a half. I had developed a love/hate relationship with my hair because I did not know what to do with it once it grew back. Thanks to Tahesa, I am in love with my hair again.


Tahesa is an awesome hairstylist. She also educates you about your hair and hair products. She is always on time and uses her time wisely. The atmosphere is always welcoming. I would recommend this salon to anyone

Jasmine G.

Tahesa is very knowledgeable about hair care!! She recognize that I value healthy hair and she made that a priority!! She listens and she ensure I get what I need and desire!! I tell all my friends about her!! She is top notch!

Ester G.

Tahesa Nelson did an excellent job on my hair. Very professional, kind, and a good stylist. I received a color, cut, and style. You can't go wrong with Tahesa! I will return again and again.

Chandra L.

She always makes sure I am feeling great about my hair before I walk out. There has never been a time I walked out and was not not 100% satisfied


Tahesa is one of the best stylist I've had since I moved to Huntsville! She has been my stylist over 2yrs.! My favorite parts of her service is the private setting and warm feel of her salon; I personally hate crowded salons and absolutely hate waiting for my services! Whatever time my appointment is made, that is time my services start! Every time I leave her shop I feel beautiful and my hair looks amazing. Please visit her and tell I sent you...thanks for reading.

Lindsey P.

Tahesa is very efficient and professional! She is also very knowledgeable about different hair textures. I absolutely love my Deva Cut. She took her time, and really catered to my needs. I'm a first time Mom, with natural hair, who has been suffering from post partum shedding and "fairy" knots. I'm excited about my healthy hair journey with Tahesa! I would highly recommend her services!

Shatara H.

United States

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