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Visit my website to book your private appointment. Contact me directly if you desire a time outside my posted hours.

Since I started training to be a hairstylist at the beginning of 2007, I've developed a sense of respect for the uniqueness every individual has, either inherently or by choice, and the many ways cosmetics are an excellent tool for expressing and refining it.

My guests most often comment that they appreciate my excellent service, caring attitude, and professionalism. They've come to expect that I am knowledgeable, helpful, courteous, and personal and that I will work efficiently and take time to listen. I make time regularly to keep updated on the latest techniques and trends. It has become my habit to use my skills as a hairstylist to help each guest feel better about their own image. I work with each guest, deciding on what works with their existing traits. At the end of the day, this is your personal image and I will do my best to help you be proud of it.

Prices are re-evaluated every year based on factors like competitors' pricing, overhead, schedule demand, salon upgrades, and skill increase. If it is determined that a price increase is warranted, existing clientele will be awarded a 3 month grace period at the lower price structure before adopting the new price.


"Teresa is always very kind and takes her time to make sure her clients are happy."

A. E.

"Teresa is quick, efficient & personal. The highlights & toner she applied look great!"

G. S.

"I had received a bad haircut when I was out of town, and Teresa was able to fix the damage and give me a hairstyle to be proud of. Teresa ensures that her clients have her full attention and takes the time to listen. Her hair style talents are impeccable."

S. N.

"Teresa is the best stylist I have found in years. She always is friendly, prompt and does such a great job. I love coming...just to have her cut, color, style my hair."

C. L.

"Teresa did a great job styling and cutting my hair. Considering that I have substantial hair loss in some areas, that is a true challenge. Teresa was professional and her ability was impressive."

R. N.

"Teresa is so great! She is always so good to make sure that everything is just the way I want it and she is so great to talk to! She is by far my favorite stylist :) ... I especially love Teresa and the great attitude that she always has about everything.... I am never disappointed with her service!!"

B. S.

"Teresa did an excellent job. She was friendly and knowledgeable. Teresa was great! I have extremely curly hair and she was able to provide helpful tips and advice on how to maintain it and provided a cute appropriate haircut.... I am so happy with my haircut.... Teresa was amazing and I'll be back to get more haircuts from her in the future. I don't trust a lot of people cutting my hair because it's so curly not a lot of people give me the right cut and don't take the time to tell me what is good for me. I like that she explained a lot and knew what to do with my hair. She provided excellent customer service."

A. T.

"Teresa is amazing. She is very skilled and always so nice and attentive. She makes my experience at the salon a great one."

M. S.

"Teresa was very knowledgeable; also she explains every step she takes while doing your hair. She is efficient and up-to-date on hair techniques/products/styles. I have really curly hair and stylists tend to cut it way too short and I'm left with a super short cut. This does not happen when Teresa cuts my hair."

N. H.

"Teresa was an accomplished professional. Her skills were exceptional. She gave a wonderful hair cut! And her manner was refined, pleasant and professional. I will come again."

V. P.

United States

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