Thuy Nguyen

Thuy's Hair Salon


Loved the experience. Got a haircut and color . Thuy made me so comfortable and I really loved the makeover she gave me


She pays attention to detail and does the best job of layering! I am so happy with it


I love Thuy she is gentle and amazing at haircuts so I would recommend her


Thuy did a fantastic job color and cut my hair ! Love it! Thuy is so nice and professional. She cares about what good for customer. I was planning to do hair dye and straightening at the same time but she recommend to do straightening in 4 months because too much chemical same time will damage hair. Thuy is very kind and she dye and cut my hair perfectly! Definitely will be back


Thuy is one of the amazing hair stylist, she is friendly, warm, sweet and absolutely great at what she does . She recommends the hair style that would suit for you best


Its been years since I’ve had my last haircut only because I have trust issues with salon and the people cutting not following the style that I want. I was recommended to go and get hair cut here as they dry cut. It was a fantastic experience! My stylist, Thuy, was great with shaping my hair and also cutting it the way that look best on me. She was quick and efficient and very kind to talk to.


Just had my hair cut by Thuy. I am extremely happy and will definitely be going back! Here’s a bit of my background. Maybe this would resonate with other in similar situations. I have long, straight, and rather thick hair. I di very little with it aside from shampoo and conditioner ( I dont even own a hairdryer or hair spary/gel). In the past 25 years or so, I’ve only gotten my hair cut in the US maybe 5 times, because so few places / people know how to properly handle Asian hair.Even for an Asian, my hair is on the thicker side, and I have lots of it. Most people who handle my hair will compliment how thick it is in the beginning , but by the end it become more of compliant, like “ wow, you have SO much hair...” If often left me feeling embarrassed or apologetic for being what i think is a difficult customer. I came to salon for hair cut. I explained to Thuy what I wanted and showed her a picture of one of my previous good haircuts. She mentioned “ long layers” which I was unsure if at first ( because of the whole mullet association) but she explained it’s just thinning the hair out and won’t look like the cazy image I had in my head. She went to work right away and verified the lenght I wanted theoughout, which I really appreciated. I felt comfortable the whole time. The end result was exaclty what I wanted! My head feels lighter,I can still put my hair up in a pintali, and most importantly, I look loke myself! Next time I needa haircut , I’ll definitely be coming back here.

Bin -Bin