To Dye For


My hair has always been really hard to tame. It dries out easily, it is really thick and I’ve never had good luck with styling it. When I found Niki, she changed my hair experience. I even went as far as to drove an hour each way for a while because I didn’t trust anyone else with my hair. From cut, to color, to style I would trust Niki’s opinion for my hair over anyone else’s. She is definitely the diamond in the rough!


I went to roots in need of a color fix from a previous salon's mess up. I was scheduled with Niki and she was able to fix my hair color and get my hair back to a healthy condition. Now I have been going to Niki for almost a year and not only is my hair perfect I have also gained a friend in Niki.


There are many aspects that make Niki, in my opinion, a fantastic hair stylist. Not only is she unbelievably talented, she also has an easy going charismatic personality. When you go to get your hair done, the last thing that you would want is a rude and unpleasant hair stylist. Niki is the exact opposite of that. She always greets me with a warm welcoming smile that will instantly put any person in a better mood. Most importantly, Niki is the first hair stylist that ACTUALLY listens to what I want done to my hair. There are so many horror stories about hair stylists who do what they feel is best rather than what the client wants. Every time I go in for a highlight, a trim, or an eyebrow wax, I always leave very satisfied with the service. I am lucky to have such an amazing stylist!


Niki has been coloring my hair for several years now. I get highlights and lowlights and I'm not even sure what else I just trust her completely and tell her to do what she thinks and I get a lot of compliments on the color of my hair. Oh by the way they have a lot of grey and no one knows it but Niki!!!!


I have known Niki for several years. I was so glad when Niki decided to make a career as a Cosmetologist. She has always loved doing hair and makeup with her friends. It only seems fitting that she would become a Cosmetologist. So happy she is doing what she loves. I had went for many years not knowing what to do with my hair. When Niki started in her business I called on her to start cutting and coloring my hair. Niki is very easy to talk to and helped with the ideas on what looked good for my hair type and the style I needed. Niki was very knowledgable about color and how it works. I loved going to see Niki at the salon it was a fun experience. Niki was always willing to help others that she worked with and always has a smile. If I could have moved her here to Alabama with me I would have. It's going to be hard to find another person to do my hair. She is the best in my eyes.


I am pleased to say that I have known Niki Hahn for the past 6 years, and has been doing my hair ever since she was in Beauty School. It’s always such a pleasure to see her and to receive services from her! She is always so friendly and outgoing and is straightforward with me when I want to change my hairstyle or hair color. She continues to keep me knowledgeable about the products she uses and the products I buy for myself. Niki is very good at her job, even when I challenge her in doing something different with my hair, she never ceases to amaze me and do an awesome job! Every time I get my hair done by her and my friends and family compliment me on how great my hair looks, I always smile because I know Niki does a great job, she makes me feel confident about myself every time! I will never let anyone else do my hair because Niki knows what she’s doing and always knows how to do it right!


I love to come see Niki for my hair appointments! She makes me feel right at home, gives me personal attention that other salons don't. Niki is very attentive on what color would go with my complexion, being honest when I pick something that may not work and always listening to my concerns about hair problems, giving good advice for dealing with frizz or dry hair. She always leaves me feeling beautiful!


I first started coming to Niki over a year ago, and every time I have left satisfied. She has the knowledge about different types of hair that allow for different styles, and has provided this guidance whenever I have needed it. Additionally, she has stayed on top of current trends and cuts that are important to the ever-changing hair of a young professional. Niki is the most accommodating hair stylist when it comes to listening to me as a client-- I am always able to convey my thoughts as to what I want before her skills take over. When I moved to New York City, I have found my self unsatisfied with the value in NYC because of what Niki has brought to the table. I come back to Milwaukee often, and she is one of the first people I reach out to. Anyone who wants the most satisfying salon experience needs to reach out to her.


I’m so happy to have Niki as my stylist! She is fun & friendly yet extremely professional. She listens to what I ask for and offers just the right suggestions for cutting & styling. I’ve loved every haircut from her, and have found some great products thanks to her. She also cuts my six-year-old daughter’s hair, and SHE loves her too! I would absolutely recommend Niki to any of my friends and family!


I would like to express what an excellent experience it is to go to Niki Hahn. She is extremely professional and always exceeds my expectations on every visit. If you want a new style or looking for a regular cut she is the first stylist you should ask for. Thanks Niki for always making me look my best.