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Tracey French

Tracey's Hair Obsession

About Tracey French

I started my career when I was 18 years old. I had many amazing mentors in the salons I worked in during those early days. In 1988 Regis Hairstylists hired me in Chesterfield Town center Mall and my career and clientele flourished. Regis was extremely active in continuing education for their stylists. I managed a staff of 21 stylists for 3 years and was active in education and building up stylists. I learned to advance my color skills and was certified as a master color consultant with Regis. In 1999 I made the move to another salon in the Mall Mr Nicks was a very well known family haircare salon and barber shop. I enjoyed watching and learning from the barbers as well as he stylists there. After 24 years in the mall, January 2011 I started my Sola adventure.

United States

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