Tracy Pendragon

Pendragon Hair Design

About Tracy Pendragon
Tracy comes to Sola from a longtime appearance in the Denver
Tech Center area. A stylist for over 25 years, she has been internationally
trained in the Italian style of hairdressing. Bringing an artist’s eye for
color and form, she will uniquely design your personal, contemporary
look. The Italian way is beauty from head to toe, so Tracy not only
styles hair, but will individually mesh all aspects of expression; your cosmetics,
wardrobe and hairstyle to present the best you there is!
As an educator in the beauty industry, Tracy has coached many stylists
in all forms of hairdressing, including haircutting, permanent texturing, and coloring.
Majoring in Art at KU, her strongest interest lies in the art of haircolor.
A long time proponent of Framesi Hair products, she believes that this
manufacturer offers not only the most beautiful haircare results, but beautiful
pigments as well, reflecting the full spectrum of the shade. Rich, full-bodied hues
that reflect prisms of light that produce shine like no other!
At PHD, all people are welcome! Tracy is skilled in the art of men’s hairstyling and
she really enjoys children. This stylist is one for the whole family!