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"When you look your best you feel your best; when you feel your best you accomplish great things." Primarily moulded in the rigorous world of Ballet and Modern Dance, Kince de Vera is a contemporary stylist who brings movement into the world of hair. Having trained under some of the best names in the industry, he utilises techniques such as razor cutting, dry cutting, and balayage to keep hair looking as organic as possible. Kince constantly hones his craft and in his pursuit of continuing education has versed himself in Aveda, L'Oréal, Wella, Bumble and Bumble, V76, and Oribe. He has also served as an educator, product coach, and advisor in Downtown Seattle since 2008. Kince sees hair as another art form and another means of expression but believes that ultimately your hair should be all about you. His overall goal is to make you look your best and feel your best, embracing the true you.
United States

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