Yari Lamback

Plymouth Meeting Salon

About Yari Lamback
Yari ​is a proud Philadelphia native and licensed cosmetologist. As a little girl, she always loved playing with makeup and hair. Yari was born with an artist's eye and was very creative as a child, and that talent naturally enticed her to pursue a career in the beauty industry.​ ​ ​​ Yari has owned and operated a salon and managed a store for the nation's largest beauty products and spa retail chain, which inspired her to step out on her own company Y Chic Cosmetics. Relying on the inspiration of iconic makeup artist Sam Fine, Yari uses her beauty aptitude to create subtle enhancements and complete transformations for women of multiple ethnicities and ages. ​ ​ ​Being far more than a one-dimensional Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist, Yari has successfully worked over 20 years, both nationally and internationally, with various mediums of makeup on an array of projects, including photo shoots, video, fashion, red carpet, theatre, and television. Whether doing makeup for the celebrity cast of a blockbuster play. Yari consistently displays a high level of creativity and professionalism. Her endearing personality makes her artistry chair a hot spot on sets, since she possesses an uncanny ability to connect with people, put them at ease, and extract and illuminate their beauty.​ ​ While Yari is adept at applying all aspects of facial makeup, she is often complimented on her keen attentiveness to eyes. Like a renowned master painter, Yari concentrates on minutiae around the eyes to create captivating facial narratives with makeup that best accentuate her clients' natural beauty. ​ Yari fondly recalls honing her talent on her mother who warned her that she probably would not earn many tips from customers if she continued to be heavy-handed. Clearly, the maternal, loving criticism resonated with Yari, who has crafted a fruitful entrepreneurial beauty career. Yari is very grateful for the opportunities she has been granted and is proud of her achievements. She envisions stretching and growing professionally into mainstream television and movies

Yari is wonderful. I came for my appointment at 5:00 pm and was out by 5:50 pm. My hair was absolutely gorgeous. Yari’s location and professionalism are a must have.

Tira Williams

I took my daughter and myself to be serviced. Yari is professional, punctual, friendly, and clean. Conversation was pleasant and uplifting, even with an 11 yr old in the room. My daughter didn’t feel out of place with the other ladies. Very down to earth person. You’ll feel good as soon as you lay back to be shampooed! I would go to other hairdressers and opt out of getting my hair curled because I would always have to go home and fix it. So, I would just leave with straight hair. Yari said, “Guuurrrl, I’m gonna do what I do!” She made our hair look Gorgeous! It bounced and swayed without...any wind blowing.😘

Keelee S

This location is comfortable, modern & clean. It’s a pampering environment that I always look forward to coming to. You will love having Yari handle all of your hair & makeup needs! My visits are always punctual & enjoyable & I always leave feeling beautiful. She’s truly the best at helping women look & feel amazing at any age. To top it off, my hair lasts for weeks! It’s grown healthy & long since I’ve trusted Yari with my mane. I’ll never look back.

Tara L

Philly, South Jersey, and Delaware’s best! Yari is always punctual and professional.

Tiffany E

Y Chic Artistry is the place to get your hair done that will make you look your absolute best. Yari is an exceptional hair artist. She knows how to work with your hair to get the most glam from the cut. She is a consummate professional.

Arlene J

Yari is my girl! First time appointment for shampoo, cut, color. She took her time and made sure I was happy with the results. Also gave me a proper cut so we can work to get my hair healthy again. Very happy!

Michelle H

Yari’s client service is impeccable and her work is flawless!

Kimberly G

Y Chic makes my hair look it’s very best! My healthy, beautiful well groomed hair is what I appreciate the most. Best of all, service is always excellent, on time and there is no waiting. I am always in and out in less than an hour from my arrival time. Highly recommended!

Jocelyn R

Receiving service from Yari is an experience. No long waits, professional and uplifting conversations!

Shantaya D

Extremely professional stylist - good for consultations - and recommendations - not selling - but providing quality hair care - all types of hair - at fair prices- Salon is beautiful, comfortable, easy to fall asleep, nice view of Mall, feel safe with one client at a time being serviced. You will not be dissapointed I’m not. Extremely professional - comfortable salon - Gives you what you ask for - I especially appreciate the promptness and quick turn around - Always satisfied with my with my bouncy press and curl style - if you like compliments - this is one way of getting more

Iris M