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Everyone endures stress - whether it's from financial troubles, relationships, health problems — you name it, there's pretty much an endless list of things that can rile you up, leaving you feeling frazzled — or worse — ill. Faces of Sola stylist Ashley Lantz shared, “Going into owning my salon was literally based off reducing stress. I was managing a 10-chair salon prior to making my move, while also increasing my teaching workload as an educator. My personal life and overall well-being was suffering from the amount of work I was bringing home with me. I knew I had to make the decision to invest in myself if I wanted to excel.”

Since April 7th marks World Health Day, we’re sharing terrific tips from our family of Sola pros across the country for banishing bad juju, because as the proprietor of your studio, taking sick days will stress you out more on so many levels - from rescheduling your clients and affecting your bottom line to enjoying free time.

1. Sounds of Silence      

Does the constant onslaught of email and message alerts drive you bonkers? While you probably wouldn’t even think of answering every text or email when entertaining guests in your own home, minimizing never-ending electronic access in your studio can reap benefits too.

Consider lowering — or dare we say it — silencing the ringtone’s volume and vibration while practicing your craft; clients always appreciate one-on-one focused attention and its good manners to boot.

Think about using appointment downtime for designating slots to manage your messaging, setting aside three times each day - morning, afternoon and prior to heading home - to check and reply to correspondence.

Sola Pro Tip:

“One thing I have to do at the end of each day is sit down and return any text messages, voicemails, and emails I may have missed because I was with clients BEFORE leaving the salon. Doing this has ensured that by the time I arrive at home, I am clocked out 100%. When you own your own business it can be really hard to disconnect, but it is vital in managing the stress that comes along with the responsibility.” - Ashley Lantz

With SolaGenius, cut down on client calls and texts all together! 24/7 online booking will ensure quieter and more relaxing evenings.

2. Mental Health Moments

When you're having a crazy day, checking out for 10-15 minutes is crucial. Do whatever it is YOU find relaxing (healthy habits only please): sit outside and get some sunshine, take a leisurely stroll around the building, meditate, shut the door and pull the shades down to dance like no one’s watching, stretch or sip valerian herbal tea. Daytime downtime diminishes stress.

Sola Pro Tip:

“I destress when needed by simply sitting down close to my essential-oil mister. This rejuvenates my mind, body and spirit.” - Brandie Kekoa

Sola’s VP of Marketing and Education, Jennie Wolff, shared with Modern Salon’s Healthy Hairdresser that she incorproates yoga and meditation into her daily routine. “It’s important to create space and time for myself. It’s not easy, but it’s totally worth it, because it greatly impacts my mood and how I am able to manage my stress level.”

3. Let It Go

“Don’t stress over things you can’t control,” is an Oprah-worthy mantra from Ivy League-educated psychic Melissa Townsend. By tuning out issues where you have zero control, you'll automatically reduce stress overload.

Instead, try a “can control” mindset: People who handle stress well tend to employ an "optimistic explanatory style." They don't beat themselves up when things don't work out or try to find the negative in the most mundane issues. Instead of catastrophizing an incident, like "I'm a complete failure," they might murmur "I need to work on my (fill-in-the-blank.)” Nodding to The Secret: sometimes stating the issue out loud and putting it forth to the universe — whether alone or to a trusted friend — is all it takes: you’ve then acknowledged it and can choose to fix the issue or move on.

Sola Pro Tips:

“I release all my concerns and leave business at the salon, and I pray and I’m thankful for all the good and abundance for that day!!! (Thankful heart!)” — Polly Sanders-Peterson

“Going into my Sola has made every day more enjoyable by giving me control over my books, my schedule, my surroundings and my environment. I control the entire tone of my day from the second I arrive to when I lock up at the end of the night.” - Ashley Lantz

4. Bust a Move

While you already know exercise is key to longevity, energy and wellness, according to doctors at the Mayo Clinic, it’s great for your outlook too because physical activity bumps up the production of endorphins - your brain's feel-good neurotransmitters.

Sola Pro Tips:

“I de-stress at the end of the day by working out. It is very important that I’m able to keep in shape and healthy so I’m not burnt out during the work week.” - Sade Williams

“One way I de-stress at the end of the day is working out. My work requires a lot of sitting down, so it’s great for me to stretch my body and keep my body strong.” - Julie Nguyen

“My massive stress reliever is staying fit with working out and training for my CrossFit competitions. Big surprise lol it’s really all I have to de-stress…working on making a better me by making myself stronger not only physically but mentally. I feel the stress leave my body!” - Alex Sylvester

5. Just Say Spa-ahhh!

Experts haven't quite figured out why having your body pressed and prodded works wonders, but they know that it does. The University of Miami's Touch Research Institute studies suggest massage boosts a boatload of stress-busting benefits. If you can't indulge in regular full-body massages, treat yourself to a pedicure, manicure or facial - all hands-on treats.

Sola Pro Tip:

Remember where you work for a minute, and know you have like-minded Sola neighbors who might be stressing too; collaborate amongst your community and consider barter services amongst the group on a regular basis. Just think: a deep conditioning treatment for a paraffin wax treatment. The options are endless!

6. Be Prepared.

One last thought: NOTHING is more stressful than being unprepared. While we’ve already reminded you about SolaGenius and decluttering tips, here’s another: take 10 minutes to get organized so you're ready for the next day, creating a to-do list and cleaning up before you leave. Judicious insight from Sola’s very first stylist Kim Bennett Horvath here, “I love closing my salon up at end of day and knowing it’s the same when I get back there. This allows me to fully enjoy unwinding with my family and animals, and feeling gratitude for the day.“ Knowing everything’s covered means you’re less likely to worry when turning the lights off. The next morning, you'll sense that you're in control of the situation, setting an overall positive tone.

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