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Sola Salons in Downtown San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

Looking for a salon suite to rent in downtown San Francisco? You've come to the right place! Welcome to Sola Salons in San Francisco, where beauty professionals and business owners can rent a private studio suite and experience the freedom and benefits of salon ownership!

The San Francisco location of Sola Salon Studios is on the second floor in a beautiful historic doorman building, with restaurants, Union Square shops and boutiques, cafes, and cocktail lounges, all just steps away. Our building is very secure, access is easy from BART and Muni, and affordable parking is less than a block away.

Our mission is to inspire and support independent beauty professionals to pursue their dreams, elevate their careers, and experience the freedom of salon ownership. We provide beauty, health, and wellness professionals with private studio suites, world-class education, and cutting-edge technology – everything you need to thrive. 

Your Dream Space Awaits

At Sola Salon Studios San Francisco, we offer so many opportunities for beauty professionals to make money from their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. Imagine having your very own salon studio, a space tailored to your needs, where you can create, inspire, and grow. Whether you're just starting or looking to expand, our studios provide the perfect canvas for your business dreams.

Whether you're a hairstylist, barber, Med Spa practitioner, nail technician, esthetician, makeup or eyebrow artist, or any other beauty expert, we have the perfect salon suite rental for you. Each rental studio boasts high-end cabinetry, sinks, chairs, and state-of-the-art lighting. 

Sola San Francisco has everything you need to succeed, including a spacious lobby, 24/7 access, monitored security, daily maintenance, a breakroom, free WIFI, and on-site laundry facilities. Our concierge repair service ensures your studio is always client-ready.

Designed for Success

San Francisco has a vibrant beauty scene, where salon suites offer beauty professionals a chance to make their dreams come true. 

Each studio at the Sola Salon Studios San Francisco location comes with high-end fixtures and the best tools, so you have everything you need to succeed.

At Sola Salons, we provide more than just an opportunity to rent salon space—it’s where you embark on a journey toward being your own boss amidst other prospering beauty professionals in the Bay Area.

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own salon? Imagine yourself establishing your business amidst San Francisco’s iconic scenery and pulsating culture. 

Whether you’re an expert hairstylist, crafting color transformations, or you are the curls master. Whatever sets you apart will only be highlighted in your own space because a studio does more than just house businesses: it nurtures entrepreneurial ambitions to fruition. 

Our goal is to inspire and support independent beauty professionals to pursue their dreams. You can elevate your career and experience the freedom of salon ownership. 

We provide our beauty professionals with:

  • Shampoo bowls 
  • European-style custom cabinets 
  • Sound-Resistant studios for privacy
  • Styling chairs
  • Doorman and art-deco lobby
  • 24/7 access
  • Monitored security
  • Daily maintenance
  • A breakroom
  • Free WIFI
  • On-site laundry facilities. 

Everything you need to thrive.

Why Choose Sola?

  • You Are Not Alone! 20,000+ Strong Sola Family (Nationwide & International) 
  • You keep 100% of your profits from services and selling the products of your choice 
  • Cross-promotion on Sola’s nationwide website and social pages 
  • We want you to succeed! Business Start-Up Manual to get your business started smoothly 
  • Property and Liability insurance included for qualifying professionals 
  • Business Support (Webinars, SolaPro, GlossGenius, Education) 

Plus, our concierge repair service ensures your studio is always client-ready.

Rest assured that being situated in a globally recognized destination means tourists eager to soak up all that San Francisco has to offer will naturally stumble upon your suite. This promises a constant influx of diverse clients and boundless chances to expand your reach within this iconic city.

At Sola Salons in downtown San Francisco, salon suites come with exceptional features that stand out in the industry. 

Imagine starting your day surrounded by:

  • Lighting of full-spectrum quality that complements every complexion and guarantees your color services are consistently accurate.
  • Your suite serves as an epitome of professionalism, equipped with secure access, round-the-clock security detail, and convenient laundry facilities to streamline everyday tasks.
  • A set minimum of one shampoo basin and a stylist chair form the cornerstone for all client interactions.

Elevating your salon space beyond mere functionality, each suite exudes luxury with top-tier cabinetry and appointments reflective of your personal style. Integrated ventilation systems paired with display shelves designed for retail sales enhance both the comfort within the workspace and potential revenue streams. 

This isn’t just a place where business takes place. It’s an environment tailored perfectly for stylists’ preferences while prioritizing clientele necessities.

Take The Next Step

We encourage our professionals to customize their rental salon spaces to reflect their style and brand. Add accent colors, furniture, lighting, even an espresso machine!

  • Be Your Own Boss 
  • No Salon Drama 
  • Keep 100% Profits from Services & Products 
  • Manage Your Own Salon Suite Schedule 
  • Set Your Own Prices 
  • Sell the Products of Your Choice 
  • No Overhead 
  • 24/7 Private Access 

Are you a client ready to experience the Sola difference for yourself? Browse our location directory to book an appointment with one of our talented Sola professionals.

For more information, don't hesitate to text or call at (415) 524-7302 or email our dedicated Leasing Manager at [email protected]

If you're looking to rent a studio suite in other parts of the Bay Area, explore our locations in Burlingame, San Mateo, and Santa Rosa. Wherever you choose to set up shop, you'll find the same commitment to excellence and support for your success.

Join the community of thriving beauty professionals at Sola Salons in San Francisco. Your journey to salon ownership begins here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the rental costs and what is included?

Private suites are priced competitively to chair rentals and commission-based salons and everything is included: water, utilities, security, maintenance, WIFI, and our concierge repair service to ensure your suite is always client-ready.

2. What is the lease term and are there flexible options?

We offer one and two year agreements to meet your needs.

3. What is the process for setting up my new business?

It’s easy. Simply fill out an application and we will send over the last agreement and Electronic Funds Transfer authorization. The State Cosmetology Board requires an establishment license and you’ll need a business license from the city; all done online.

4. What marketing and business support is available?

You have the opportunity to build a robust website on the highly searchable sola.com that links directly to your online booking service. We maintain a robust social presence and encourage collaborative posting of user-generated content on Instagram and Facebook. We also participate in local community events for even more local visibility. Sola offers webinars and podcasts with hundreds of hours of content.

5. Are there shared spaces or common areas?

We have a lounge with kitchenette and attached laundry facility, restrooms.

6. What are the security measures in place?

Our pros have access to the salon 24/7. We have a door man and cameras throughout the salon and at both entrances.

7. Are there any additional fees or hidden costs?

Everything is included in your weekly charges: water, utilities, security, maintenance, WIFI, and our concierge repair service to ensure your suite is always client-ready.

8. What insurance do I need and/or what permits?

For qualifying professionals, insurance is very affordable. For specialty services we can provide general liability. 

9. How do I handle maintenance issues?

Sola Salons provides a concierge repair service to ensure your suite is always ready. We are responsible for repairs of plumbing, electrical, heating, and air conditioning, doors, and cabinets to ensure your suite is always client-ready.

10. Are there any restrictions on operating hours?

Professionals have access to the building 24/7

11. How does the booking system work?

If you’re not already using a booking service, we recommend Gloss Genius, and Sola Pros qualify for a discount. Each professional makes their own schedule. Work and live your life your way.

12. Can I share my suite?

You can share your suite for a small weekly charge. Standard suites are designed for one client and one professional at a time. Large suites are perfect for double-booking clients. Double suites can be shared by up to four professionals.

13. What services are allowed within Sola Salons San Francisco?

Sola Salons is a premier beauty, health, and wellness center featuring hair stylists, estheticians, lash and brow artists, PMU, microblading, nail artists, injections, body contouring, waxing, chiropractors, and more.

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Your Space, Your Style

Artwork, music, furniture, decor, and more - it’s all up to you

24/7 Access*

Create your own schedule and find the work-life balance you crave
*Access hours vary by location

Private & Secure

Our signature Sola glass door, fit with an individual lock and key, ensures your security while keeping you connected

No Surprise Fees

Outstanding value and simplified bills with one weekly fee including all utilities and Wi-Fi

Sell Products You Love

Curate the brands and products you sell and keep 100% of the profits

You're in Good Company

Join our vibrant community of 20,000+ independent business owners and build your Sola next to like-minded entrepreneurs


We know taking the leap to go independent can feel overwhelming — but it doesn’t have to be. We’re here to support you throughout your entire journey.

At Sola, we offer move-in ready, private salon suites for rent that are located inside one of our beautifully designed commercial Sola salon spaces. We bring together talented independent beauty professionals under one roof, in the privacy of your own salon rental space. We maintain all common areas such as the entry way, bathroom, and breakroom, so you don’t have to! You have full control over your space to customize and create the studio and business of your dreams. Enjoy all the perks of salon ownership without all the hassle. It’s your service. Your schedule. Your vibe. Your studio.
  • At Sola Salons®, we lease individual studios where you can operate your own boutique salon. Salon owners at Sola customize their own salon suite, set their own schedule and prices, and enjoy the freedom and benefits of salon ownership without the risk associated with opening a traditional salon. 
  • If you’re looking to invest in yourself and rent a salon suite, you’ll be happy to hear that at Sola, you simply get more. We invest in providing the highest-quality fixtures and the ideal number of cabinets specifically designed to accommodate salon professionals. At Sola, your salon suite will be equipped with the following:
    1. A custom build-out designed specifically for you that includes pull-out color drawers, abundant storage, soft-touch closures and retail shelving 
    2. Oversize sliding glass door with lock and floor-to-ceiling walls to allow you the privacy to play the music of your choice and enjoy one-on-one conversations
    3. Individual ventilation in each studio
    4. High-end hydraulic chair and shampoo bowl
    5. Full-spectrum lighting to emulate natural light
    6. Instant and abundant hot water supply
    7. Utilities and Wi-Fi included
  • In addition to the physical amenities, you’ll find that being at Sola will allow you to manage your own schedule, avoid salon politics and drama, and create the ideal atmosphere for you and your clients.
  • At Sola Salons®, we provide business support to our vast community of independent salon suite renters. Our detailed salon suite start-up manual provides you with all the necessary forms, tips, and information to help get your business set up and ready to go:
    1. Start-up checklist
    2. Forms and tips to obtain your salon license and other licenses and permits
    3. Details on studio setup: insurance, equipment needed, paint and more
    4. Credit card processing tips
    5. Retail support and distributor contacts
  • By joining the largest community of independent studio owners, you will have access to liability insurance, disability insurance (available in certain areas), discounts on retail, special offers for online scheduling, continuing education programs, industry events, and more.
  • Additionally, we host events like cocktail parties, family picnics, and gatherings to strengthen our local Sola communities.
At Sola, you will become the owner of your own boutique salon. You have the freedom to determine your service and product prices, retaining all profits. You’ll have a key to your suite, enabling you to set your work hours and maintain exclusive use of your supplies and equipment. Why settle for renting a chair or booth when you can have your personal salon suite at a similar cost?


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