Amanda Babb

Moonchild salon

About Amanda Babb

Amanda Babb is a full time hairdresser, colorist and Redken Artist. As an Artist, she shares her passion for the craft educating other hairdressers on the latest hair trends and techniques. She has been in the industry for 9 years, and her the greatest part of her job is helping people see the beauty in themselves.


Amanda has done my hair for the last several years (between 6 and 8) and she is hands down the best. I have never gotten a hair cut or color from her that was not only exactly what I asked for, but also expounded upon to make sure it is perfect for my hair type and thickness. She is the ONLY stylist that I would gladly let have full reign of whatever cut and color I get because I know whatever she picks will be fabulous. I will not let anyone else touch my hair until she retires!

Courtnie Lichtenfelt

Amanda has been my hairstylist since I moved to Greenville 4 years ago. She does such a wonderful job! I can always count on Amanda to give me great advice about how to cut, color, and style my hair. I have never met a stylist with more knowledge about hair color than Amanda. I am so happy that I found her when I moved to Greenville. I highly recommend Amanda!

Ashley Stewart

Amanda has done my hair for the last few years, and she does an amazing job every time! She has always been attentive to my wants and needs, and is extremely knowledgeable of not only the products she uses, but also the chemistry of hair and its physical makeup. She recommends fantastic products, and I can not recommend her enough, especially for color services!

Becky Brown

Amanda has done my hair many times now and each time I leave with amazingly done hair! From mermaid colors to a red and now a gunmetal silver, she can do it all! Her knowledge of the craft is beyond any of the other stylists I have tried in the past and she is always willing to explain things to you so you know what is going on with your hair. Her personality makes getting hair done by her fun and comfortable, along with the amazing results she produces. I would 110% recommend Amanda to anyone looking for a reliable stylist who is incredibly gifted in her craft of hair styling and hair coloring.

Sam Alpaugh

Amanda has done my hair for years, and I wouldn't dream of going to anyone else! She's an awesome judge of color, knowing what shades will look good on me. She was also very patient as I worked up the courage to try something more bold (and the green turned out awesome!). Long story short: Amanda's ridiculously talented, and she's also just a nice person. 10/10 would recommend!

Morgan Ring

Amanda is my cosmetologist soulmate, and if she ever moves on I will grieve. If you're looking for a hairstylist, you've just hit the jackpot! Until Amanda, I had never left a stylist's chair entirely satisfied. I didn't think it was possible. Every single time I leave Amanda's chair, I am completely in love with my hair. She gives me color so beautiful that strangers stop me to ask where it was done. The cut is always perfect. And under her instructions for at home hair care, my once thin and brittle hair has become healthy, shiny, soft, thick, and manageable. I seriously never dreamed I could have this hair. Trust me. Go ahead and book the appointment. You won't regret it!

Valerie Rasmussen

Not only is Amanda a joy to be around she also makes the best recommendations. I had been dying my own hair for years and I felt pretty confident in my abilities. After months of dealing with an issue I went to see Amanda. She not only provided me with a solution but also explained why I was having the issue. She even suggested we add even MORE shades of blue and I haven't changed. She discussed with me my needs, haircare ritual, and reviewed with me all the proper care techniques. If you want someone who is extremely skilled, knowledgeable, creative, personable, and caring you've found the right lady!

Heather Fowler