Fanny Rodriguez

Capelissimo Dominican salón

About Fanny Rodriguez

Health in general is not a game, without it life is not fully enjoyed and projected in the long or short term, we are happy to the extent that "we" have :physical, emotional or spiritual; I am convinced that a good or bad hairdressing service can help or not in any of these fields. In 25 years of experience I have enjoyed and I enjoy giving my clients and friends a little of that happiness, by helping them to have a healthy image of both their hair and their personal care. My job; it is my passion and when combining science with art, opting for a good result that is satisfaction, the smile in my clients is my pay.

Provide an image that meets the needs of my clients, provide a first class service with an excellent personal service are my credentials. Join me in CAPELISSIMO dominican salon and enjoy the best Dominican hairdressing service in the area👌❤️🇩🇴🇺🇸