Willow Berdnik

Dax Ivy Salon

About Willow Berdnik

The most common question I get asked as a hairstylist is “What inspired you to go into this business?” Which I respond with perhaps not the most romantic answer but it’s my story. I never thought I would go into this industry but when it came time to decide what to do with my life I called the community college and decided to take a tour of their cosmetology school. Upon entering the building the first thing I noticed was a strong yet pleasing aroma. My interest started to grow. I noticed all the students were in matching scrubs and all looked professional in their uniforms like they belonged to some super cool club. This so far was nothing like I had imagined. I then passed classrooms that were again full of these cool club dressed students all sitting quietly at desks with open books, then entering a large room with stylist stations and every chair a client sitting. Some talking to their student stylist some reading magazines while their student stylist work diligently on their hair. One thing I knew for sure...everyone looked so happy. There was a woman in the back of the room and she kept running her hands through her hair with a huge smile and the stylist couldn’t stop giggling. It was amazing. I felt so proud of that student stylist whom I didn’t even know and I knew right then and there that I wanted to be in the business of making people smile. My dream then took me to New York where I literally started from the bottom all the way to celebrity stylist where I got to work with production companies and actors in preparing and maintaining cuts, color, and extensions during filming. I also had many opportunities to work with fashion designers during NYFW. I lived my absolute dream till my dream changed and brought me here to paradise where I am more than happy to offer my clients a very exclusive experience in my studio salon. So now you know me....tell me all about you!