John Kalugdan, PHN


About John Kalugdan, PHN

IV-Profusion Professional Health and Wellness Infusion works closely with our highly esteemed patients in delivering the safest and most effective solutions through IV Hydration to achieve a healthy mind and body.  


Our clinic consists of well-trained healthcare workers, who have extensive experience and are recognized and respected in the medical world for our progressive approach in pursuing excellence.

With our high standard in knowledge paired with advanced technology, IV-PROFUSION Professional Health and Wellness Infusion have what you need to bring out the better you.

What is IV Hydration Infusion Therapy? IV Hydration therapy is a simple but safe treatment that quickly delivers fluids directly into your bloodstream through IV inserted into your arm. This may also include vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants and other blends depending on the treatment. With this process, hydration therapy is much faster in replenishing fluids in a way that drinking fluids cannot.

This is not new at all, as this is being used in the hospital or even in the ER. Our body needs water to function properly. Drinking fluids may not always be the best option as it takes time for the body to réhydrate and that's where IV Hydration Therapy comes in.

Do I need IV Hydration Therapy? If your body is seeking for a quick treatment due to fatigue, headache, tired skin, stress or any other discomfort, then the answer is YES. IV Hydration Therapy can definitely help, leaving you feeling your best.

What's in my IV bag? The blend that you will receive during your IV Hydration Therapy will depend on what treatment you will be getting. For more detailed information, please refer to the Services Offered section for the specifics.

How long will it take? IV Hydration Therapy takes about no more than 45 minutes.

Will it have side effects? Before the IV Hydration Therapy begins, you will be asked about any allergies. The only discomfort that you may feel is when the IV needle is inserted to your arm.

When will it take effect? After your IV Hydration Therapy is completed, you will start to feel better in about 2 to 4 hours.

How old should a client be to have the IV Hydration Therapy? IV Hydration Therapy is safe for ages 18 to 65 years old.