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Lisa Bragg

Braggi Hair LLC

About Lisa Bragg
I am proud to be the owner and hairstylist at Braggi Hair. I graduated from Howell College of Cosmetology and with that I have had the pleasure to style hair for 30 years strong now in Livingston County. I love that I get to make every person that sits in my chair feel great about themselves. I have always prided myself on mastering my craft and staying trendy. With continuing education being crucial in this industry, going to hair shows have been vital. That has allowed me to have hands on learning from some of the best such as Trevor Sorbe, Robert Cromaines, and Gino Stampora. Challenging myself everyday to learn about hair has enabled me to perfect highlights, coloring, and balayage as well as specialize in straightening and perming techniques. While I enjoy that I create hair to bragg about, the one thing I love most is that I get to call my clients my friends. It has been their support, all these years, that has allowed me to pursue my passion of hair. It is with that support and my passion of hair, I know that everyone will leave my chair with a smile on their face and hair to Bragg about!

My great and best friend Lisa Bragg has been making Leo's mane beauteous for over 13 years! She has never, ever let me down with my hairstyle!

Wendy S.

Lisa is an awesome stylist! She excels at both color and cut/style. She takes the time to listen to the client and provides professional results time after time. Not only is she a great stylist, she also conducts her business with the highest integrity.

Susie S.

When it comes to hair salons there are loads of hairdressers that talk a good haircut, but Lisa @ Braggi Hair makes it happen! Lisa has been my hairdresser for the past fifteen years and during that time her creativity, friendly down-to-earth approach, and the quality of her work has ensured I will keep going back to her again and again. I always have Lisa's full attention and I fully trust her honest advice. Lisa has always given me hair that I can "Bragg" about!

Tammy P.

My favorite hair stylist, Lisa Bragg, has begun a new venture, Braggi Hair, located at Sola Salon Studios in the Green Oak Mall. Beautiful new space for my talented friend to work her magic! Congratulations Lisa!

Anne R.

I loved my appointment with Lisa Bragg in her new salon. This is such a fun new adventure for my longtime hair stylist and friend!

Alane R.

I went to see my amazing hair stylist and colorist, and my friend of 25+ years at her new salon. Just another great experience! Love you Lisa and I wish you all the success in the world in your new "home". Go visit her . . . you will be glad you did!

Karen Z.

Lisa Bragg has been my hairdresser for several years. She is not only a great hairdresser but a good friend. Lisa lives to make her clients happy through her work. I look forward to my appointments for the relaxing and pleasant atmosphere as well as Lisa's company and conversations. I would certainly recommend Braggi Hair Salon to men, women, and children! Congratulations on your new shop, Lisa!

Theresa R.

If you need a good colorist, make an appointment with Lisa Bragg!! Thanks Lisa, the color is perfect as always!

Karen O.

United States

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