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About Steph Farrar

Hello there, and thank you for taking this moment to meet me. My name is Steph Farrar, and I am looking forward to learning yours soon! I am a married mother of three with two additional fur babies, and a San Gabriel Valley native. I have been a professional hairstylist since March of 2008, but my passion for styling started much earlier; I have pictures of me playing with hair from as young as 2! In 2014, I expanded my services by including another one of my passions, and obtained my makeup artist’s certificate. Since then, my professional career has brought me a wide variety of wonderful experiences and I know that there is much more to come. I joined forces with the beautifully talented Cassandra Jimenez and Cybil Oliver in Suite 19 of Hairology in November ‘20. Prior to this, I was self-employed and spent the previous 7 years solo, building up my portfolio and my relationships with my amazing clientele. I’ve had the privilege of getting to work on some amazing projects and events; like beautiful weddings, fun photoshoots, and total transformation makeovers. Joining this team of strong women has been a dream of mine, and I am excited to be partnering with them and their creativity! I like to think of myself as an artist with many mediums, but my favorite form of creative expression is through hair. I’ve always felt that my job is more than just cutting straight angels or painting perfect highlights. It’s about aiding in another's self-care journey by helping them express themselves. It is a privilege to bring to life the inner lion that's inside of us all, whether that’s by getting a razored pixie or a hot pink balayage. I am here to help you “roar”! I pride myself on fostering an environment of self-care and self confidence! If you’re looking for a stylist who will listen to what your vision is and go out of their way to make sure you leave feeling your best self, then I’m your girl! Please feel free to text me to discuss an appointment, and don’t forget to follow me on Facebook (@Steph Farrar Hair) and Instagram (@StephFarrarHair). I look forward to hearing from you. I hope you have a great rest of your day! -Steph Farrar Hairology


I am extremely happy to have found not only a friend but the best Color artist you could hope for. I have literally told her to just do as she sees fit on a few occasions and its incredible. I am a crazy color junkie and she never fails to execute my wild dream hair even sometimes better than I imagined .Every time I go to get my hair done Its so exciting knowing its going to be amazing.. -Naomi W.

Stephanie is so awesome she knows what I want even before I want it puts up with me changing my mind a million different times and I'm always happy with the result. She was able to take my daughter's hair and transform it into something we both loved and gave my daughter a whole new confidence. Thank you Steph for being an amazing hairdresser and becoming one of my great friends in the process. Oh and she's so honest she's not one of those people so yeah I can do it and then fry your hair absolutely not she will let you know in the beginning what kind of process how long and will work with you to get what you want but also keep your hair on your head. -Linda T.

I came to Stephanie because I have a son that has Autism and sensory issues. Stephanie was so patient with him and earned his trust. She treated him with respect and went at his pace. She didn’t rush him or force him. Thanks to her he now is comfortable getting hair cuts. -Kayla G.

Stephanie has been doing my hair for over 3 years now! In the beginning she helped me Get rid of my damaged box black dyed hair and we’ve done natural blonde looks to crazy 4 shades of purple! AND She helped me look beautiful on my wedding day! She has grown to be a great friend and I trust her fully with my hair no matter what we decide to do with it. -Sarah G.

Where to begin? I started coming to see Stephanie Farrar because she came highly recommended by other friends. Her professionalism and perfectionism cannot be beat! Not to mention her wonderfully bubbly personality. I love to dye my hair wild colors and be adventurous with it. She has always risen to every crazy challenge I threw her way and had me leaving feeling sparkly and new! I had tried other hairdressers before her and I always felt underwhelmed by their work and had to "grow into" my haircuts. I have NEVER felt this with Steph. She has always done me right the first time and I'm always so pleased with how every transformation comes out. I no longer trust anyone with my precious hair except her and once you have been blessed with her magic I know you will too!!! -Jonelle L.

I started going to Stephanie Farrar 4 years ago and my first hairstyle was the most extreme I’d ever done. I messaged her the night before that my colour theme was Pokémon Fairy type... and she did it! I kept going back. Over the years my hair style has been more tame one colour until after covid shutdown when I took the risk and coloured up again. I trusted her so much she had complete control of the colour palette and basic style. Again it was love love love. I have never in my life been to the same hairdresser over and over til Steph. After covid shutdown I was really nervous to visit any businesses but she made me feel safe and did a great job keeping her area clean and sanitary. I felt so safe I have booked my kid into see her. Thanks Steph! Let’s get more cuts booked! -Katrina M.

There are people who cut hair... Then there are hairdressers/barbers... Then you get hairdressers who are colourists or specialize on specific types of hair... Then you get a true artists who has the command of her craft to make her visions a reality. Someone who you don’t tell exactly what you want because you know that whatever they come up with will be a million times better. Give her a general idea and let her run with it. I never thought I would ever feel so strongly about “just a haircut”. It was life changing. Strangers complimented me for MONTHS. Better for my self esteem than therapy. I live in Canada and Covid happened, otherwise I would book another appointment tomorrow. -Luis L.

Stephanie is someone that I have known for many years. She is the only hair dresser that I have constantly come back to over and over again. She has fixed my hair on numerous occasions when another hairdresser messed up (what was I thinking going to someone else?!) and also when I have attempted to do my own hair (BAD Idea!). I have bleached my hair many times in the past and she had been the only one to get the perfect tone! She was also my go to hair and makeup artist (yes artist because that is EXACTLY what she is) for my wedding. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to help make me look perfect for the best day of my life. When COVID-19 first started, Stephanie shut the door on her business out of concern for her children. This was a huge decision that I know was very difficult but I respect and commend her for it. During the 6 months she was out of commission my hair got really bad. My roots were grown out longer than I have let it be for years. When I heard hair salons were able to open back up again, I had plenty of opportunities to go somewhere else but I chose to wait. I didn’t care how long I had to wait, I was not going to chance someone else touching my hair. Stephanie is not only very talented at what she does, she is also very welcoming and easy to talk to. I am very comfortable when I am around her and I feel that is something very important. As long as Stephanie is doing hair and makeup, I will always be a loyal client! -Amanda M.